Glendy Eden Fernandes – A popular creator based in the UK


In the vibrant world of content creation, Glendy Eden Fernandes, a 29-year-old native of Chinchinim, South Goa, has emerged as a rising star. Currently residing in London, United Kingdom, Glendy’s journey from culinary pursuits to becoming a comedian and content creator is a testament to his passion and determination.

Childhood Dreams and Early Artistic Ventures

From a young age, Glendy harboured dreams of becoming an actor, particularly in the realm of comedy. He also nurtured a love for football, a passion that might have led him down a different path if not for health considerations. As a child, Glendy showcased his artistic side by participating in Konkani dramas and engaging in skits and short plays during his school and college days.

Professional and Global Transition

After completing his 12th standard in Catering and Restaurant Management, Glendy’s journey took him to Kuwait briefly. However, health issues prompted his return to Goa, followed by a move to London in 2016. He initially worked as a chef but transitioned to a CCTV operator role due to sinus problems.

The Spark of Content Creation

The onset of the pandemic led Glendy to explore new avenues, stumbling upon the world of content creation on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Intrigued by the short videos shared by creators, he decided to try his hand at it. Overcoming initial hesitation and self-doubt, Glendy posted his first video on Instagram, receiving a surprising 1k views in less than an hour. This marked the beginning of his journey as a content creator.

Hit Reels and Videos

Glendy’s most popular video, “KAKNA,” is on the verge of hitting a million views. The spontaneity of composing and recording the song in under an hour, coupled with Glendy showcasing his singing talent for the first time, contributed to its massive appeal. The video garnered 100k views in just one day, a testament to Glendy’s growing influence.

Glendy- Dj Salmino- Alisha rodrigues- World Goa Day event in the UK.
With DJ Salvino Miranda and Alisha Rodrigues at a World Goa Day event in the UK.

Collaborations and Connections

Throughout his content creation journey, Glendy has collaborated with fellow creators such as Albert a.k.a Mr. Voddalocks, Larson Goes, Dollma, Bushu Talkies, Brendon Rato, and more. These collaborations showcase the collaborative spirit within the content creation community.

Challenges and Triumphs as a Creator

Growing an audience posed a significant challenge for Glendy when he just started his journey as a creator. However, his unwavering determination and his mother’s constant motivation spurred him to improve his content continuously. Within six months, Glendy saw a remarkable growth, accumulating 20K followers.

Role Models and Aspirations

Glendy draws inspiration from content creators like Rohit Zinjurke and Mr. Voddalocks, learning from their acting skills and unique approaches. He also dreams to meet Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor someday.

Future Plans

Glendy remains steadfast in his dream of becoming an actor, emphasising that he will never give up on this goal. Simultaneously, he plans to continue creating content on social media, aspiring to build a full-time career in the field.

A Message to the Youth

Glendy’s message to the younger generation is one of hope, patience, and self-belief. He encourages them to embrace their uniqueness, stay persistent, and believe that success will come in its own time.

As Glendy continues to navigate his path, he stands as an inspiration for aspiring creators, proving that dedication and authenticity are the keys to success.

Catch a glimpse of Glendy’s hilarious comedy videos on his Instagram page: |Glendy Fernandes| Comedian (@glendy_eden_fernandes)

Brandon Rato- voddalocks-UK Street-Glendy-Reel
Shooting a reel with Goan creators “Mr. Voddalocks” (left), Adrel Pereira (in blue shirt) and Brendo Rato (right)