Goa- a venue perfect for dream weddings

Over the years, Goa has emerged as a wedding destination. Besides the regular tourists it is normal to see people arrive in the state just to tie the knot. The trend is picking up and weddings provide stable income to many in the state.

Why Goa?

The simple answer would be a different variety of locations a couple can choose to get married. To elaborate  further a list of locations that can be used as a wedding venue have been compiled.

Boat wedding

A couple can get married on the ocean or the backwaters of Goa. Either option are unique in itself.


1) Ocean

The pristine ocean, coupled with the deep blue horizon make a perfect picturesque backdrop. Away from civilization, there aren’t going to be any disruptions, such as noise. Besides, a day at sea on board a cruise ship is a memorable experience, that is of course if you do not feel squeamish.

2) Backwaters

The venue can be a houseboat or a sail boat. The inland waterways are covered with coconut palms on both the sides. The water flows slowly and the atmosphere is very calm. Away from all the hassles of life, a wedding in the backwaters is very unique.

Beach wedding

The beach is one of the most preferred venues when it comes to weddings in Goa. For some it maybe the dream wedding they are waiting for, or for some it maybe an unconventional venue. The weddings are mostly held in the evenings due to the pleasant weather. The sunset makes for a very good backdrop for wedding photos. However, permissions from competent authorities needs to be taken for a beach wedding.

Mountain wedding

A beautiful wedding scene from the 2014 movie ‘Finding Fanny’ has been shot at the famous Three Kings Church in South Goa, which is situated on a hill. Also the mountains in Goa are mesmerizing and the view from the top is breathtaking. However permission from the appropriate people needs to be taken.

Church wedding

Many churches dating back to the Portuguese era can be hired for a wedding. The rich architecture compliments the celebration. In fact the whole set up looks amazing. The venue gives the weddings a distinctive flavour.

Hotel/resort wedding

Hotels are just as popular as the beaches when it comes to weddings in Goa. Many couples choose the resort/hotel courtyards for their special day. A theme wedding is easy to arrange in these locations. The weddings can be more flexible unlike other places where there are a few restrictions.

Best time to get married

Due to the heavy monsoon rains during the months of June to September, anywhere between the months of October and May is a good time to plan an outdoor wedding,

Set up for the weddings

The entire occasion can be arranged by wedding planners to reduce the couple’s burden. From exotic flowers to performers at the wedding, everything can be arranged. The event management industry is well established in Goa.

In case you’re one of those couples who want to break away from the convention and try something different for your wedding then Goa certainly offers many choices.

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