Goa begins the Rainforest challenge!

Force Gurkha Rainforest Challenge is a national event that has been taking place in Goa for the past two years. The third edition of this seven day event has just got underway in Goa and will climax on July 29. This event will qualify Indian drivers to participate in the International event known as Malaysian Rainforest Challenge (RFC), which is due to take place later this year.

The Malaysian Rainforest challenge is considered to be one of the toughest motor sport events in the world and has preliminary rounds happening in 25 venues across the globe. The Indian circuit is considered among the most popular. Out of the 30 competitive teams participating from across India, only 1 will qualify for the Malaysian Rainforest Challenge.

The Indian edition of the Rainforest Challenge was launched in 2014 by Cougar Motorsports Pvt. Ltd. and  is sponsored by Force Motor Ltd. The event has been divided into four stages to be held across Goa.

  • The venue for the initial stage, which is referred to as the Prologue Special stage (SS) will be held  at the Rajiv Gandhi IT Habitat in Dona Paula.
  • The second (the Predator) and third stage (the Terminator) will take place at Quepem (Cavorem) in South Goa.
  • The Final stage (Twilight SS) will be held at Sattari (Morlem) in North Goa.

“In the last two editions we restricted the participation numbers to 25. However, the response this year was so overwhelming that the registrations were closed two months prior to the event which restricted some of the RFC India pioneers from making it to the list.” said Ashish Gupta, founder & Director, Cougar Motorsports Pvt Ltd while addressing a press conference in a report.

Judging criteria

For the successful completion of each stage, the teams will be awarded points. The competition evaluates the driving recovery skills of the participating teams in off-roading scenarios. Penalties are imposed when a team fails to complete a task, for non-adherence to the rules and damage to the flora or fauna at the location.

Event schedule


22 JulyFriday0900 hrs – 1800 hrsEvent HQThe International Centre Goa, Dona Paula




0900 hrs – 1600 hrs
Vehicles available in Goa can schedule an appointment for their vehicle scrutiny on 21st July as well
ScrutinyRajiv Gandhi IT Habitat, Dona Paula
1230 hrs onwardsPress ConferenceMandovi Hall, The International Centre Goa, Dona Paula


1700 hrsCompulsory Drivers BriefingMandovi Hall, The International Centre Goa, Dona Paula


1930 hrs onwardsOpening Night (Invitation Only)


Bay 15, Odxel Beach, Dona Paula
23 JulySaturday0900 hrsCeremonial StartRajiv Gandhi IT Habitat, Dona Paula


1000 hrs – 1900 hrsPrologue SS 1-6Rajiv Gandhi IT Habitat, Dona Paula


1930 hrs onwardsEntertainment (Invitation Only)


Bay 15, Odxel Beach, Dona Paula
24 JulySunday0900 hrs  – 1900 hrsPrologue SS 7-12Rajiv Gandhi IT Habitat, Dona Paula


25 JulyMonday0600 hrsConvoy AssemblyThe International Centre Goa, Dona Paula


0630 hrsConvoy Departs for Predator VenueThe International Centre Goa, Dona Paula


1000 hrs – 1900 hrsPredator, SS 13-18Quepem (Cavorem), South Goa


26 JulyTuesday0900 – 1900 hrsTerminator SS 19-24Quepem (Cavorem), South Goa


27 JulyWednesday0900 – 1400 hrsCompletion of pending SSQuepem (Cavorem), South Goa


1400 hrs – 1600 hrsMedia ChallengeQuepem (Cavorem), South Goa


1600 hrsConvoy departs for Twilight Zone


Quepem (Cavorem), South Goa
28 JulyThursday1000 hrs – 2200 hrsThriller in the Twilight ZoneSattari (Morlem), North Goa


29 JulyFriday0730 – 1030 hrsTwilight SS 25-26Sattari (Morlem), North Goa


1200 hrsConvoy Departs for Closing Venue


Sattari (Morlem), North Goa
1430 hrsArrival of the Convoy at The International Centre Goa and end of the Event


The International Centre Goa, Dona Paula
1700 hrsClosing and Prize DistributionThe International Centre Goa, Dona Paula


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