Goa bound – Uncovering World’s most expensive Luxury train

Stakeholders of the tourism industry in Goa have been crying out to attract high end tourists to the state, to give the tourism sector a major boost. So when it recently came to light that the luxury Maharaja Express train is extending its route to south India next year, which would include Goa there was sheer delight.

“There is ample scope for tourism in Goa and (the) Konkan belt. I have asked (the) Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) to introduce world’s most expensive luxury train Maharaja Express in southern India covering Goa, Maharashtra and Kerala,” remarked Suresh Prabhu, Railway Minister, India, while laying a foundation stone for a railway line Maharashtra.

Inside the luxury train

The Maharaja Express train which started operations just six years back, has scooped the award for being ‘the world’s leading luxury train’ for 4 years in a row, at the world travel awards. It is also considered the most expensive luxury train in the world.

  • It has guest carriages named after precious stones (Pearl, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Turquoise, Coral, and Sapphire etc)
  • These carriages are segregated into 4 cabins (Presidential suite- 448 SQ. FT, Suite- 220SQ. FT, Junior suite- 150SQ. FT & Deluxe Cabin- 112SQ. FT)

Maharaja Express amenities

The Maharaja Express carriages also come with amenities fit for a king, which include a dedicated butler service and gold ornaments. It would not even feel like you are sitting on a moving train as you travel through the heritage sites of India.

Taking a peak into the deluxe Presidential suite you will be offered the following facilities, as you travel in unimaginable comfort:

  • Furniture (2 bedrooms, sofa, personal safe, wardrobe, writing table, mini-bar, basin, luggage hold under bed, living area, shower cubicle, bath tub)
  • Equipment (towels/linen changed on request, toiletries, slippers, bathrobe, hair dryer, fire extinguisher)
  • Electronics (LCD screen, DVD player, air conditioning, live television, WIFI, International telephone facility)
  • Complimentary snacks (tea, coffee, etc)

How much will a trip cost?

The cost of your dream travel ticket on the Maharaja Express will largely depend on which cabin category you choose and which package you have selected. To give you an example of just what kind of hole this holiday can leave in your pocket, one adult ticket for a 4 day trip would cost $ 3,850 in the deluxe cabin, while in the Presidential suite it would set you back $12,900. For an 8 day trip it would cost you on average $ 5,980 in the deluxe cabin, while in the presidential suite the average cost would be a whopping $23,700. We will have to wait and see the package that connects to Goa and what it will offer.

The Maharajah Express offers various packages which include:

  • Heritage of India (8 days/ 7 nights)
  • Treasures of India (4 days/ 3 nights)
  • Gems of India (4 days/ 3 nights)
  • Indian panorama (8 days/ 7 nights)
  • Indian splendor (8 days/ 7 nights)

Benefits to Goa

Connecting the Maharaja Express to Goa is expected to bring in high-end tourists to Goa, which would boost the economy. Also many jobs are expected to be created from the extended route. Let’s hope these jobs are given to the locals.


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