Fish will be subsidised promises Goa Fisheries Minister

No need to ‘fish in the curry dish’, now fish will be available cheaper!

Keeping to his promise, Goa Fisheries Minister Vinod Palyekar today announced that fish will be subsidised in Goa. In his pre-poll speech, Palyekar had promised to make it available at cheaper rates if elected to power.

Soaring prices deprived the common man of his most cherished food. But now fish will be available to Goans at subsidised rates, he said. The Government is likely to set up a fisheries corporation under the aegis of the Fisheries Ministry.


“Now, if you go to the market, prices of fish are so high. The common man has to buy fish at a high rate and it is not possible every day. Therefore, we have thought that the common man should get fish at cheaper rates. We will form the fisheries corporation which will sell fish at a subsidised rate,” Fisheries Minister Palienkar told reporters in Panaji.

“We had in our manifesto, said that we will give Goans subsidised fish. We are keeping that promise,” said Palienkar, a member of the Goa Forward Party, a coalition partner in the BJP Government in Goa.

Unscrupulous fishing by trawlers for export as well as to cater to the hospitality industry resulted in fish scarcity in the tiny state. Also, rising sea temperatures are to blame for fish depletion. Due to a shortage of fish in the market, the prices soared and were beyond the common man’s reach, fish being the staple food of Goans.

Many political parties vowed voters with promises of making fish available to the common man. Finally what seemed a distant dream, will now be a reality.

No need to ‘fish in the curry dish’… there will be plenty for all!

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