Goa’s forest dept to strictly implement ‘No Plastic’ and ‘No Alcohol’ zones

The forest department guidelines in Goa have made it clear that it is strictly going to implemented the ‘No Plastic’ and ‘No Alcohol’ zones in the state’s forest, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

“During the monsoon season from June to September, the state witnesses an increase in the footfalls to forest areas every year. The visitors from the state and outside undertake forest treks during the monsoon, besides visiting several waterfalls that spring to life in this season,” the guidelines issued this week said.

“The forest areas, sanctuaries and national parks that are visited by tourists are deemed as ‘No Plastic’ and ‘No Alcohol’ zones, thereby strictly prohibiting carrying and consumption of alcoholic drinks on the trekking routes and/or approach routes to the waterfalls,” the guideline added.


Treks in forest areas are promoted during the monsoon in the state. They mostly occur in Mhadei wildlife sanctuary, Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park and wildlife sanctuary, Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary.

The forest department has also asked visitors to take caution while visiting waterfalls and that swimming in the waterfalls might be risky.

“All the visitors are expected not to litter the forest are or the waterfalls sites with leftover eatables, wrappers, empty containers and the like,” the department has said in its guidelines.

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