In Goa – Non-Goans help preserve the heritage houses!


Heritage houses in Goa faced a bleak future. Family disputes, high cost of maintenance, sky – rocketing land prices made it viable to tear them down. Destroying with it; the heritage, history, art and architecture of the place. But, recent trends of non- Goans purchasing these properties has breathed new life into these dwindling structures.

There are many reasons for selling the Heritage houses. In some cases there are many heirs to the house. Instead of dividing the property into small shares they choose to sell the heritage houses and divide the monetary gains among themselves.

Soaring land prices are another factor. Due to high prices, many families choose to sell or construct apartment and commercial buildings instead, to be sold or leased out later. Another major factor is absence of owners. Since many families choose to move abroad. They don’t have anyone one to take care of their homes in Goa. Hence, these families sell their property in Goa. The high cost of maintenance of these houses also compels many families to sell their house.

But, there is a bright side to these events. Some of these heritage houses are purchased and maintained by the new owners. However not all these houses are used for domestic purposes. Some of them are converted into offices. Making it a possibility of dual usage to property.

The houses are sought after due to their unique architecture. A rare fusion of Indo – Portuguese architecture. They have elaborate designs, Tiled roofs, veranda, Balcao (sitting area, usually at the steps of the house), a backyard and a garden in the front. Greatly spacious and substantial greenery contribute to their appeal.

Actors Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra have purchased such properties in Goa. Many other individuals belonging to professions ranging from Journalists, Photographers, businessman, artist and heritage conservationists have purchased heritage houses and continue to maintain them.


Image credits – Dominik Hundhammer

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