Goa InfoTech Policy 2018 could draw IT professionals in large numbers


Now that the state cabinet has approved of the Goa Information Technology Policy, 2018, Goa is well on its way to becoming a major InfoTech hub in the country. Once it’s implemented, IT Minister Rohan Khaunte says that young Goan IT professionals need not look for jobs out of state. The new InfoTech policy has been designed in such a manner that all benefit from it with subsidies, rebates, and incentives.

Big plans for the InfoTech industry in the state

With the unveiling of the InfoTech policy on Sunday, the state government aims to put Goa on the map and attract not just IT professionals but even IT companies to set up shop in the state.

Both the CM, Manohar Parrikar and the IT Minister Rohan Khaunte have been most verbal about venture for the Goan diaspora. In a world that is completely centered around the infotech industry, this is definitely big news for Goa.

According to Mr. Khaunte, the policy would be based on infrastructure development, financial incentives, governance and human resource development. But it’s no small feat to overcome the hurdles and red-tape that is involved in setting up all these terms in the policy. However, CM Parrikar has said that red-tapism has been cut down in the policy for IT businesses. This would mean that they can get permissions and benefits from the government through a single window system. In addition to making the paperwork less cumbersome for the IT industry, there are plans to put in a similar system for the industrial sector.

Goan youth no longer need to move away for better prospects in the InfoTech industry

Parrikar also said that Goa needs to ‘reverse the brain drain’. He is referring to the fact that hundreds of thousands of Goan youth in the infotech industry have moved to places like Pune and Bangalore and are instead ‘driving the engine’ of the IT sector in these places.

“Goans have excelled in every field be it art, science, the armed forces. Such a small state has produced talents beyond its strength. Only opportunity is required, otherwise, we would have the Mangeshkars staying in Goa. Why did they have to migrate? Because opportunities were lacking. We need to reverse the brain drain. My target will be to keep my talent in the state and develop the state to become an industrial as well as IT hub with a positive mind frame,” Parrikar said.

High-end IT units are welcome to start up in Goa

With the unveiling of the new policy, Goa hopes to attract at least 5 major IT MNCs in setting up shop in the state. This is where at least 8000-10000 jobs would be created. And with the setting up of a proposed state-of-the-art, technology park in Chimbel, there are talks of providing world-class infrastructure for the establishment and development of such infotech units in Goa. Chimbel is a township located close to Panjim.

An IT village spread over 4 lakh sq ft will be developed within the technology park. The IT policy also says the park will be developed as an eco-friendly facility with all the latest green technology parameters.

Power supply is a big problem in Goa. Industrial units in the industrial estates across the state have complained about this. However, the IT has also stated that occupants of the technology park will be given 100 % power back-up, high-speed internet, and other amenities.  

The good news is that this venture could be on its way to bringing a whole lot of good to the state. The Navhind Times states that after the policy was unveiled, two IT companies – Wowsoft Inc and Visteon Corporation –  signed memorandums of understanding with the state government for setting up units in Goa.

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