Goa Institute of Management Website Hacked

A Day before India celebrated its 70th Independence Day with great pride, some hackers, allegedly Pakistani nationals, based in Pakistan, attacked the Goa Institute of Management website and hacked it.

The hackers breached the Goa Institute of Management website and posted a Pakistani flag on it. The hackers also posted “Pakistan Zindabad Happy August 14, 2016″, on the website and said, ” Stop killing Muslims in Kashmir and in India”.

The North Goa Superintendent of Police, Umesh Gaonkar said that the police haven’t received any formal complaint as of August 16. This isn’t the first time Pakistan based hackers have attacked websites of Indian organizations or institutes. In the past websites like Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, Indian revenue services have been hacked and defaced.


This is not the first and may not be the last. Jaago India Jaago!

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