Goa Marriott Resort & Spa presents ‘Sun, Sand & Flea’ Dec 11

POP-it-UP is a quirky, colourful and engaging medium for people with diverse interests and talents who want to showcase to the mass audience. Sun, Sand & Flea is going to take place on the 11th of December 2016 from 11am-9pm. The colourful merchandise and potential for hidden treasures can prove entertaining attractions in their own right. Flea markets are the latest shopping craze in Goa . The crowds are just loving it.

The main aim to start the Pop-It-Up Flea

POP-It-Up, the Sun, Sand & Flea, encourages every artist and entrepreneur, food critics and food lovers, fashion & beauty enthusiasts, music lovers, photographers to be a part of the bazaar. It’s a platform to showcase talents and the things participants love to do. The organisers want to provide opportunities to give others the experience of what they love doing. Some could even turn their hobbies into business !

Sun, Sand & Flea



The sale will have over 100 stalls of various items. It’s a fun bazaar filled with young enthusiasts putting their hobbies and talents to good use. Several different kinds of entrepreneurs will be present at the event. Stall owners will bring their collection of items made at home to the market, setting up a small stall to sell various goods.


Pop It Up

The first season of Sun, Sand & Flea will be held at Marriotts Goa curated by Pop-It-Up. The invigorating mix of art, music, shopping, dance and fashion is such a thrill in itself.  A ground to share common interests and brilliant creative minds. Fashionistas and even laid-back people will have a great time and will probably attend such events more often in the future ! Who knows …


Visit Sun, Sand & Flea this Sunday and follow up with  for more information about events !



•There is no age bar to showcase the talent that you have: young and old, there’s no in between !

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