Goa-Mumbai Highway Bridge Collapses; 22 Missing

The traffic on the busy Goa-Mumbai was brought to a standstill as a bridge connecting the towns of Mahad and Raigad in Maharashtra collapsed. The Bridge on the Goa-Mumbai highway which spans about 5 kilometers across River Savitri collapsed on Tuesday night around 11:30 p.m.

It is reported that around 22 people went missing along with them 2 Mumbai bound buses are among the many vehicles which fell into the river after the bridge collapsed.

Three teams from the National Disaster Response Force have been deployed for rescue operations. Let us all hope that the civilians are rescued without harm.


Helplines were set up to help in seeking information, (02141) 222118 and  1077 (Toll free)

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4 thoughts on “Goa-Mumbai Highway Bridge Collapses; 22 Missing”

  1. I hope all efforts shall b made to rescue d unfortunate travellers n medical treatment b provided on war footing. Relatives n next of kin b provided with transport, accommodation to visit their near n dear ones who r in urgent need of help. it’s unfortunate dat this accident could had been avoided if d said bridge n pot holes were well maintained, but d powers to be r busy in threatening n teaching a lesson to their very own citizens.Thousand of people have lost their lives on Mimbai Goa Highway or shall we call it Highway to Heaven.

    1. Thank you for your input. Yes indeed, it was the flooding that caused the collapse. Besides, the Bridge was old and not maintained.

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