Goa to keep Ola and Uber out, to launch it’s own app-based taxi service

"We will run the service by enrolling existing tourist taxi operators"

Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has announced it’s decision to launch an app-based taxi service for the state that will hire local tourist taxi operators. This is an attempt to solve the tourist taxi issue that has been brought to the government’s notice. The locals and the tourists have accused the taxi drivers of over-charging their passengers.

The GTDC aims to operate it’s app-based service on the lines of other industry leaders such as Uber and Ola. “GTDC will not bring in either Uber or Ola to run the tourist taxi service in Goa. We will run the service by enrolling existing tourist taxi operators. We will have an aggregator app,” chairman, GTDC, Nilesh Cabral told ToI.

“Goa must have an app-based tourist taxi service. The state’s name is getting maligned because of a few unprofessional elements,” he added.


The GTDC is forced to get involved after the local taxi operators refused to install digital meters and opposed the entry of out-of-state taxi service operators. “The tourist taxi issue is one of the problems for slowdown in the business. While we are tackling the garbage menace, the status quo on the taxi issue remains,” he said.

According to Cabral the GTDC will adopt the technologies used by Uber and Ola and showed confidence in addressing the issue soon. “By the end of this month, we should be able to make a move on the issue,” he said.

Information credit: Times of India.

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