Goa being the smallest state in India situated in the western region occupied by the smallest population yet has it’s name held up high. Goa has always witnessed lots of tourists coming in from all over the world and from our own country as well throughout the year. The state is seen always busy with people from everywhere.

Goa is a former Portuguese province. It’s evidence still lies deep within the state. The architecture of the houses in the state are truly magnificent, influenced by the Portuguese rule they commemorate the past. Visiting these places and taking in the breathtaking view is spectacular, especially for tourists who come from all over the world. Bom Jesus Basilica is a world heritage site, which is a cannot be skipped during the visit.

Goa was known by many names such as Gomanta, Govem, Gomantak and others. It has a mighty coastline with extremely beautiful beaches.Their golden sand and blue waters just blow the mind of anyone who comes here. The beaches of Goa have a rare beauty that attracts tourists with ease. The sun glistening from above, foreigners love getting their tan on!. People who love sports, the water sports on the beaches are a must try. If your done with that, why not try fishing, one of the traditional Goan occupations, be in one with our culture. There are so many things to try or you can just sit and engulf the ambience of the beautiful, serene beaches. Goa has also been voted the favourite beach destination by outlook readers, which vouches of whats on offer.


Goa’s main rivers are Mandovi, Zuari, Chapora, Khusavati, Sal and Terekhol. The mighty rivers of mandovi and zuari are the lifelines of Goa, they are the busiest rivers you’ll find here. They are an integral part of Goa as a whole because of the portability, agriculture, transportation and more. The backwaters are also an important part of the whole arrangement. The cruises on these rivers and backwaters are a brilliant choice for tourists to see the flora and fauna on the banks as well as to relax and enjoy a wonderful boat ride.

That being said Goa has tremendous rich flora and fauna, the amazing Western Ghats which is a biodiversity hotspot. These places are filled with extraordinary and the most unique creatures you’ll find anywhere on the earth. It has an exceptionally high level of biological diversity and endemism is recognized as one the eight ‘hottest hotspots’ of biological diversity.

Not to forget the culture and tradition of Goa, the people here are the most loving and caring. The blend of the different religions with the various customs and festivals makes this land truly one of a kind. The cuisine in Goa is to die for, the staple fish curry rice is the best scrumptious yet simple meal for everyone. The desserts and sweets are made with such precision and love! You just cannot say no. How about the alcohol? Cashew feni the most popular alcoholic beverage in Goa. It was awarded the geographical indication registration in 2009.
Our Goa is little in size but has an exceptionally large heart!

Written by: Genevieve Fernandes

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