Goa Souvenirs To Pick Up From The Cheapest Thrift Stores


Goa Souvenirs is a way to take a bit of Goa with you lower back home. We recognize it is no longer viable to carry back its pristine sandy seashores or the carefree vibe. However, we have tried to bring together a listing of Goa Souvenirs for you that would maintain reminding you of our sunshine state. 

When creating this list of Goa souvenir, we figured out that barring a couple of things like Cashew and Feni, there are now not many apparent souvenirs. So, we went around, requested a few people, and compiled this beneficial listing of Goa souvenir for you. 

The Cashew Nuts 

Cashew in its various forms like Cashew with its peel on, salted cashew, masala cashew is the most popular one. Cashew shops can be seen almost everywhere in the state. Serious buyers though prefer to buy it from the Panaji market. Here you have big shops with lots of variety and relatively cheaper. 

Image Source: indiamart.com 

Goan Feni 

This is not a gift that I recommend as I have not tasted it. However, this is the most popular one. Remember there are two types of Feni that you can pick – Cashew Feni and Coconut Feni. Cashew Feni is more popular and easily available. 

You can see the Feni making process at Chitra Museum in Benaulim. In April, a cashew festival is celebrated during which you can participate in Feni making. 

Image Source: heraldgoa.in 

Azulejos Tiles 

The Azulejos tiles are the best souvenirs. You would see these tiles outside Goan homes, on sidewalks, in street art, and at hotels. These colorful tiles in one glance tell of their own origins. The paintings on the tiles tell the stories of the state – its Tavernas, its Kunbi Dance, its carefree people, and its lovely landscape. 

You can buy a single tile or a mug or a plate or a custom-made nameplate. You can even get your favorite family photograph painted on the Azulejos tiles. 

This is a souvenir to suit all pockets – right from a small tile costing less than 100 Rs to anything costing in thousands for a custom-made tile is available.  

Image Source: whatshot.in

Kunbi Saris 

These are simple cotton Saris with large checks on them mostly in red color worn by the local tribal women. Lately, a few designers have revived these Saris and it is being projected as the local weave. A big credit goes to Wendell Rodricks for reviving the Kunbi Sari. 

You can buy a fine but costly version at the Wendell Rodricks store in Panaji or you can buy not so fine but cheaper versions at the local stores or village fairs. 

Image Source: thehansindia.com 

Sea Shell Artifacts 

Next on the list of best Goa souvenirs are Sea Shells. In all probability, your hotel would have welcomed you with a garland of seashells. Well, you can buy many types of jewellery made out of seashells – neckpieces, bracelets, and earrings. 

You can buy lamp shades, seashell curtain strings, and other items made of seashells. 

Image Source: in.pinterest.com 

Bebinca – Favorite Dessert of natives 

Last on the list of top Goa souvenirs is Bebinca. This is ready to eat dessert. Made from flour, eggs, coconut milk, and sugar and baked layer by layer. This is a short shelf-life souvenir but it is available in good packaging that is easy to carry. Pick it up from any supermarket or bakery.  

Image Source: sortedfood.com