Climate Change – ‘Goa State Action Plan’


We all understand the severe consequences of environment change. Some of us have experienced it first hand with flooding and droughts. The Minister for Environment, Rajendra Arlekar informed that the government of Goa is in the process of formulating the Goa State Action Plan on climate change. He also mentioned that a climate change secretariat would be set up for this purpose.

Reason for the plan

  • Goa is prone to the impacts of global warming including sea level rise, flooding, erosion and costal disasters.
  • A serious issue is saltwater intrusion into freshwater domains.

Safeguarding Goa

  • Government has requested the Centre to release a grant of ₹10 lakhs
  • Proposal contains an awareness and capacity building programme for stakeholders.


“Based on the variations in relief, topography, land use, land cover, demography and other socio-economic issues, the GSA, PCC as well as the CBCC would be formulated,” said Arlekar.

Image Credit: Flickr