Goa to witness its first Bird festival


Great news for all ornithologists across the globe! Goa’s forest department is hosting its first bird festival this year.

Goa being the smallest state witnesses 460 species of birds from the 1000 found in India. Showcasing Goa’s magnificent variety of flora and fauna to the rest of the world is the main motive behind the forest department’s initiative.

In a recent legislative assembly meeting, Forest Minister Rajendra Arlekar said, “Goa being a famous tourism destination, the tourist visiting the state should be exposed to the flora and fauna.”

Once the plan materializes with a fixed date and location, bird lovers and nature enthusiasts from Goa and other parts of the country can participate and engage in various activities. This festival is scheduled to take place in November this year.


The State Government has taken measures to protect and promote the bio-diversity of the state. This year, Goa’s forest cover has increased to 66 per cent.  Promotion of eco-tourism too will see a sharp growth in the next few years. Goa is the smallest state of the country having a rich biodiversity of marine life, mangroves, wild animals and birding sites.  Further, travellers today look forward to interacting with nature up-close, thus changing the trend from ‘just promoting beaches’ to ‘promoting wildlife’ in Goa.

Unforeseeable Future

However since the future is always a mystery, there is no certainity whether eco-tourism will receive a good response in Goa. But as a nature lover, I look forward to Goa’s first Bird Festival and hope it is a grand success.

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Image: Kingfisher

By: MitaRoy Goa Hotel