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It’s no surprise that Goa ranks ‘first’ among India’s best vacation spots. This Goa travel itinerary will give you an elaborate rundown on how to spend a week in Goa. It’s an appealing combination of fun and relaxation thanks to the sun, sand, and sea, as well as the party hotspots in the north and the calm in the south. However, Goa’s gorgeous beaches and colorful nightlife are not the only things to see and do.

There’s a lot more to see and do in this beach paradise, from ancient temples and cathedrals, age-old forts, and charming Portuguese villages to breathtaking sunsets, flea markets, thrilling water sports, and a night of gambling at the casino.

With so much to see and do, even a week may feel insufficient to fully explore this lovely state. If you can’t take such a long journey, set aside at least three days. Here’s a great schedule to help you see the finest of both North and South Goa.

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You will receive answers to some of the above questions.
Yes, there are few places that can brag about us and bring us back to life. Without a question, Goa is one of them. Goa is the smallest state in India, located on the western coast. And, unexpectedly, the smallest state in India has a lot to offer visitors. Sun-drenched beaches, palm trees, nightlife, spectacular festivals, flea markets, Goan fish curry rice, trendy bars, beautiful restaurants, and historic landmarks abound in Goa.

Gorgeous Goa is India’s tiniest state, running along the warm Arabian Sea’s beaches. Since the 1960s, it has been a jewel in the crown of Indian tourism, attracting hippies and sun-seekers each winter.

Goa, like the rest of India, is a site of celebrations, and you’ll almost certainly see a festival or procession during your visit. Goa’s delightfully festive province will remind you that there’s always a reason to rejoice.

While Goa is India’s smallest state, it is nonetheless a state with a population comparable to that of some small countries. This plan takes you from north to south across the state, with a few interior detours. As a result, if you want to complete this Goa itinerary in ten days, you’ll have to change accommodations a few times.

The good news is that finding a place to stay in Goa is rather simple regardless of your location. There are plenty of guest houses, hostels, hotels, and homestays willing to accommodate outsiders — it’s typically as easy as showing up in town and asking around.

This itinerary allows for changing accommodations and moving about, and it is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate your individual demands. The bus system in Goa is quite cheap for getting about, although the rides can be long and uncomfortable.

It is a lovely state to visit because of its rich cultural past and lush woodlands, and there are some excellent guided tours available. You’ve come to the right spot if you’re seeking for the ideal way to spend your time in Goa, since we’ve put together the ultimate Goa itinerary.

How to reach Goa?

By Flight – Flying to Goa is a simple process. Goa has only one airport, which is located in Dabolim, which is about in the centre of the state. You can take a local taxi or book a taxi through Goa Miles from Dabolim airport (an app by the government that is cheaper than the airport taxis)

By Train – The primary junctions for North and South Goa are Thivim and Madgaon, respectively, where all upcountry trains generally stop.

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By Road – The directions will vary depending on where you are driving from in India. The AH47 road from Mumbai to North Goa is quite scenic and takes approximately 10 hours 32 minutes (578.8 kilometers).

By Bus: A number of buses run from major Indian cities to Goa, with Panjim serving as a key stopover. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can take a deluxe AC bus or a plain single-tier bus.

Where To Stay In Goa?

Let’s be clear about something: Goa is a state. Despite being India’s smallest state, it is nonetheless larger than several countries. You must carefully consider where you will stay in Goa because it will greatly influence your experience and your Goa itinerary. This Goa travel diary begins from here.

Goa is separated into two parts – North Goa and South Goa. North Goa offers a few more well-known sights than South Goa, so if you want to spend some time doing conventional touristy activities, North Goa is a fantastic location to begin!

The majority of tourists choose to stay in a coastal town or village. Hippies and travellers will enjoy Anjuna and Arambol, while package visitors will enjoy Baga Beach and Calangute. Palolem Beach & Agonda, as well as Candolim, are popular in the south. Baga, Calangute, and Candolim all have Airbnbs, although Arambol and Anjuna have very few.

There are a few excellent towns and cities placed further back inland if you don’t want to be on the ocean.

Panjim is a beautiful city in Northern Goa! It is home to many beautiful historic Portuguese homes as well as some excellent art galleries.

Folklore Hostel is the best hostel in Goa. Our recommendation for the best accommodation in Goa is Folklore Hostel.

Image Credit – folklorehostels

Goa Folklore Hostel, located in Vagator, can only be characterised as a home away from home! There’s no better place to spend your time in Goa if you’re searching for a hostel experience, with common spaces that encourage interaction and facilities that give all you need!

Plus, there’s more. If you don’t want to leave your pet at home, bring them with you to the Folklore hostel, which is pet-friendly!

Goa’s Best Airbnb – 2 Bedroom Lotus Villa in Tito’s Street

In the heart of Goa’s party zone, this quirky and pleasant villa is located. You won’t find a better Airbnb in Goa than this one, which is within walking distance of Bardez’s greatest beaches (you maybe wondering, “Are Goa beaches open during rains?”) and hottest bars.

Our pick for the best budget hotel in Goa is Crystal Goa.

Image Credit – crystalvillagegoa

This charming hotel has everything you’d expect from a hotel, plus a very relaxing atmosphere! During your time in Goa, you may also dine at the property’s restaurant and bar. However, if you prefer to sleep in and have a relaxed morning, breakfast will be served to your door! Crystal Goa is in Palolem, South Goa, and is ideal for individuals who value peace over partying.

Our vote for the greatest luxury hotel in Goa is the Vivanta Panaji

Image Credit – Vivanta

This stunning luxury hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Panjim! However, convenience isn’t its key selling point.

It’s possible that a 24-hour gym and spa had anything to do with it! The fact that the hotel is pet-friendly is also a plus. This is quite uncommon in such a nice setting! Every night, live music is performed, so there is never a dull moment at the Vivanta Panaji!

Ultimate Goa Itinerary For 5 Days

Day #1 – Say Hello to Goa

When you arrive in Goa, hire a cab to take you to your hotel and finish the check-in process. Also, get plenty of rest and enjoy the hotel’s atmosphere. You can take it easy on the first day of your Goa vacation. Go out and enjoy Goa’s nightlife while relaxing on the sandy beaches. You may take in the atmosphere while snapping some Instagram-worthy photos. Return to the hotel after a fun-filled day and rest for the night. Goa travel guide has kickstarted!

Day #2 – Start from North Goa

Mandrem early morning hours – swim, eat breakfast, and head over to Calungate at 10.30 a.m.

At Calangute participate in water activities – Bargain as hard as you can with any agent/tout, and before making a deal, look for the table where the genuine organizers are seated. This will assist you in determining the exact cost of each water sport.

Shop at Calangute before heading over to Baga Beach. Both Baga and Calangute are extremely crowded, and the water quality could be poor, with rubbish sometimes strewn about.

Image Credit – Goatrais

Head back to Mandrem at night and then sit on the beach and relax for a couple of hours.

On the second day of your four-night, five-day Goa itinerary, you’ll go on a dolphin sightseeing excursion. Isn’t it exciting? Surprisingly, you can see dolphins completing a somersault on the Arabian Sea’s waves.

You can return to the hotel and have breakfast after experiencing the breathtaking dolphin sightseeing excursion. Relax for a while before embarking on an exciting North Goa sightseeing trip. Aguada Fort, Calangute Beach, Calangute Annexe, Baga Beach, and Anjuna Beach are all worth seeing.
Water sports such as yachting, windsurfing, and parasailing are also available for a thrilling experience. Return to the hotel after spending Day 2 in Goa and get a good night’s sleep.

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Day #3 – Continue at North Goa

Go for a jog and a swim until 9 a.m. Then check out of the hotel at around 11 a.m. Hire a bike and embark on visiting forts such as Chapora Fort and Aguada Fort. Spend roughly 3 hours at the Anjuna flea market on the same day.


Although it is free to sit on the beach, you must purchase something from the restaurant in order to utilize the loungers that border the beach. Drinks and meals can be delivered to you. It’ll be difficult to ignore the cows that meander by and sit on the beach alongside you as you relax on your lounger. There’s no need to be alarmed, they’re quite calm creatures.

You’ll be in desperate need of a good foot massage after all the walking you’ll be doing during the day. Fortunately, they provide them directly on the beach, along with a range of other services. So, kick your feet up and enjoy some well-deserved rest. Before choosing a therapist, shop around for the best deal; some masseuses charge much less than Rs. 1500.


You and your family can hit the waves after roughly an hour of beach trekking. Don’t worry, your guide will be with you every step of the way to guide you. At first, the waves can be intimidating, but once you catch your first wave, you won’t want to stop. Once you are done with some surfing, head over to a beach shack for a few beers.

The same day can be spent at Braganza House, Sweet Lake, Drum Circle, doing a bit of Yoga, and Ecstatic Dancing.

On day 3, we’ll cross the river and head north to Arambol. If you’ve been out all-night partying, skip the morning section of your plan or skip it entirely and spend the day at Anjuna’s German Bakery.


The property’s owners, the Braganzas, were formerly a powerful Hindu family forced to convert to Catholicism by St. Francis Xavier. The family collaborated closely with the Portuguese government, which in turn provided them with the mansion they now call home! They were also given the name of Portugal’s last royal family (Braganza). It is a must-see attraction in Goa.

At the Thali Shack, you can get a fish thali.


A perfectly inconspicuous appearing tiny cottage sits just outside the first, main park on Arambol beach (a man selling coconuts sits outside the door). While you may be tempted to stroll right past it, don’t since it serves some of Arambol’s greatest and likely cheapest Thalis.

A Thali is a large silver platter packed with rice, vegetables, and a variety of curry dishes. There are three options: vegetarian, chicken, or fish, the last of which is extremely delicious. Your Goa travel journey is incomplete without a Goan thali tasting.

Arambol’s Sweet Water Lake is a freshwater lagoon that gets its water from the Goan Jungle. Because the Sweet Water Lake is warmed by a natural hot spring, going for a dip late at night is a must!


The Lagoon is encircled by lush vegetation, thick jungle branches, and coconut trees. Steam slowly rises from the lagoon, creating a very gorgeous spectacle to take in and the ideal location for Instagram photos!

A beach that is only accessible by foot is just a short walk from the lagoon. There are numerous shacks and eateries serving traditional Goan cuisine.

We once visited the Arambol notice board and discovered that there is a yoga session going on someplace in town at all hours of the day. Arambol is a true yoga Mecca, producing newly qualified yoga teachers in the same way as Yale and Oxford produce future venture capitalists and war-mongers.

As a result, finding a Yoga class will not be difficult. Check the bulletin board, ask around, or approach any slender, toned yogini you come across.

The drum circle on Arambol beach is the spot to be every evening. It’s essentially a circle where anyone may come and bang a drum. While the sound is a little tedious for me, it is still a very enjoyable gathering that attracts the Goa freaks who come to congregate.

From here, stroll down to the sunset market to haggle for handcrafted jewelry, postcards, and other trinkets.

In Goa, dancing is a part of life. Even if your legs are fatigued from last night’s trance session, I’m confident they’ll summon the energy for one more boogie! Ecstatic Dance is a massive sober (no drugs or alcohol) party that takes place at the source around a massive Banyan tree.

You may take some time to overcome your inhibitions (dancing when drunk?!) but you’ll soon get the hang of it. Don’t miss Ecstatic Dance, it’s a lot of fun. If you’re visiting Goa for the first time, it’s time to channel your inner hippie!


Aladdin’s Restaurant serves a late dinner.

One of Arambol’s best restaurants is Aladdin’s. It features a large menu that includes bar-b-q, Indian classics, and some unique vegetarian meals. It’s a bit pricey by Indian standards, but it’s well worth it for a special occasion.

Day #3 – Alternative plan

Best places for breakfast in North Goa

Infantaria, Calangute
Toro, Baga
Baba Au Rhum, Anjuna
Lila Café, Anjuna
Artjuna, Anjuna


It’s time to hit one of the major beaches in the north after a superb English breakfast or a traditional Goan morning feast… Isn’t that why you decided to travel to Goa in the first place? Decide where you want to go based on what you want to do.

You must have worked up an appetite after strolling down the vast expanses of golden sand and indulging your inner water baby. You can eat seafood and other local specialties at one of the beach shacks, or go to a neighboring decent restaurant.

Best places for lunch in North Goa

Pousada by the Beach, Calangute
Souza Lobo, Calangute
Britto’s, Baga
Fat Fish, Baga
De Baga Deck, Baga
Purple Martini, Anjuna
Burger Factory, Anjuna
Café Cotinga, Anjuna


After that, continue on to Chapora Fort, which is a must-see in Goa.

If you’re a fan of Bollywood films, you won’t want to miss out on visiting the historical ruins of Chapora Fort, which is located near Vagator Beach. The climb up to the fort may be difficult, but the breathtaking views of the sunset sky above and the sea below will be well worth it! You’ll also have the opportunity to take a photo at the location where the movie Dil Chahta Hai was filmed.

Vagator Beach, in contrast to its tourist-heavy contemporaries, is one of North Goa’s cleanest, quieter, and more remote beaches. You may simply unwind here, enjoying the fresh sea breeze, the sound of the waves lapping the shore, and the stunning night sky.

If you spend enough time at the beach, you can even go to one of the famed Goa parties, which last until the early hours of the morning and feature hypnotic trance music.

If you want to stay in Vagator for dinner, there are some of the best European restaurants in the neighborhood providing unusual Goan cuisine, particularly seafood specialties.

The Hanuman Theatre in Mapusa is home to some of the most outstanding Tiatr! There are numerous different types of Tiatr, just as there are many different types of Broadway. They all have different titles and include various forms of entertainment (dancing, singing, etc.)

To be honest, it doesn’t matter which one you go to; they’re all great and can be enjoyed regardless of language proficiency.

Some of the most incredible Tiatr may be found at Mapusa’s Hanuman Theatre! There are many various forms of Tiatr that take place, just as there are many different sorts of Broadway. They all have different titles and incorporate different entertainment aspects (dancing, singing, etc.)

To be honest, it doesn’t matter which one you go watch; they’re all fantastic and can be enjoyed whether or not you understand the language.

Tiatr is derived from the Portuguese term ‘Teatro,’ which means ‘theatre.’ Because of its earlier domination by Portugal, Goa has been profoundly affected by the Portuguese.

Best places for dinner at North Goa

Olive Bar and Kitchen
Bean Me Up
Spice Traders

Another option would be to get in your car and drive down to Thalassa.


This popular Greek restaurant in Siolim is well-known among partygoers for its delicious food, lively music, and lively atmosphere. To top it off, because of its incredible location right on the beach, it gives the most stunning views of the Arabian Sea.

You can party here till late in the evening among music and mayhem, then return to your North Goa hotel for a good night’s sleep so you can wake up rejuvenated the next day.

Shop at Goa’s night markets

If it’s a Saturday, head to one of Goa’s famous night markets, such as the Saturday Night Market (Arpora) or Mackies Saturday Nite Bazaar (Baga).

These marketplaces not only provide a large assortment of handcrafted items, but they also contain everything you need to have a full Goa experience. Live music, food stalls providing salads, waffles, and other regional foods, drink bars, entertainment zones, and more are all available.

Saturday Night Market (Arpora): 4.00 pm – 11.00 pm (November-April)
Mackies Saturday Nite Bazaar (Baga): 6.00 pm – 1.00 am (November-May)


Before retiring to your Goa hotel to sleep off the night, you can go shopping, indulge on savory and sweet foods, and have a good time at the markets.

You’ve visited Goa’s beach shacks, which are open till late, but your trip will be completed if you don’t experience the state’s vibrant nightlife at its different pubs. The delectable food, beverages, and upbeat music will undoubtedly bring out the party animal in you.

The Arpora Saturday night market is a Goa staple. It’s a weekly big market where you can haggle for incense, jewellery, stones, gods, garments, sheets, and other beautiful stuff you probably didn’t know existed!

The market not only caters to shopping, but it also boasts a number of food stalls and a few pubs that play Techno till the early hours of the morning.

With all of that stated, the buzz on the street is that the Arpora Night Market is winding down. Many boutique owners and specialty designers have apparently been forced to leave due to management’s actions, and they can now be found at the Hilltop Friday Night Market instead.


One of my favourite places in Anjuna is Artjuna. It’s a large cafe with expansive grounds where you may spend the entire day for the cost of a few coffees. The food is decent, with an assortment of Indian dishes, vegan fare, and a few Israeli specialties.

Goan Trance (later known as Psytrance) is undoubtedly Goa’s greatest gift to the world, and you should not pass up the opportunity to attend a Goa Trance party. In the early 1990s, the movement exploded in popularity in and around Anjuna, with “Goa parties” springing up all over the world.
The music is a rapid, aggressive, and completely psychedelic style of electronic dance music. It may be too much for you if you’ve never heard it before, but keep in mind that it’s a sound best heard in altered states.

Best places to party in North Goa

Cohiba, Candolim
SinQ, Candolim
LPK Waterfront, Nerul
Café Mambos, Baga
Cape Town Café, Baga
Tito’s, Baga

Do visit St. Anthony’s shack on Baga, if karaoke is your thing.


Day #4 – Central Goa & Panjim

Early in the morning, set out from your accommodation to see the Big Foot Museum, SantaDurga Temple, Sahakari Spice Plantation Farm, Old Goa Churches (Se Cathedral, Basilica Bom Jesus), and finally a 1-hour boat ride on Miramar Beach in Panjim. This boat ride was well worth it because it included a dolphin show (which my child adored), approximately six sightseeing stops, and, most importantly, beer and music on the boat.

Just remember not to stay out too late, as Dolphins do not come out in the late afternoon. We could also see only the greyish dorsal fin.

Begin your third day with a great breakfast before heading to South Goa for sightseeing. Shri Shantadurga Temple, Shri Manguesh Temple, Basilica of Bom Jesus, and Se Cathedral are among the places you will visit.

You can seek blessings and observe the beautiful architecture at these locations. After that, take a stroll through Goa’s bustling Latin Quarter and heritage buildings.

Visit the Goa State Museum, which has over 8,000 artefacts on display. Sculptures, contemporary and Christian art, and many other types of art can be found here. This museum will also educate you about Goa’s struggle for independence.

The Banerji Art Gallery and the Sculpture Gallery are two of the museum’s most prominent galleries. In addition, there is no admission charge to this museum. Isn’t it incredible? After seeing all of these sights, return to the hotel and fill your stomach with a delicious Goan food before retiring for the night.


The first day of our three-day Goa itinerary will be spent in Panjim or Panaji, the state capital of Goa. Despite its location, which is inland and distant from the luscious beaches, this city is one of India’s cleanest and most attractive. It is full of gorgeous old colonial mansions and is conveniently located for the first day of our schedule.

The former Portuguese colonial capital of Goa is known as Old Goa. It was once regarded as a magnificent world city, rivalling even Lisbon in terms of richness, culture, and beauty.

Be amazed at Sé Cathedral, the largest church in Asia measuring more than 76 meters long and 55 meters wide.

The majority of Old Goa has been lost to the ravages of time, but there is still enough to warrant a visit. The Dom Jesus Basilica is arguably Asia’s most magnificent Christian temple. Then there are the ruins of St Augustine’s Church, which meld into the Goan jungle like a Tomb Raider level.

Panjim is about a 30-minute drive from Old Goa. We suggest taking a taxi or taking a tour bus.

Head over to the Sahakari Spice Farm from Old Goa, where you’ll be able to breathe in the magnificent aroma of the beautiful spice farm! The spice farm’s verdant plantations aren’t all it has to offer, though.

You’ll learn how to climb the trees and swing from palm to palm during your tour! If any of the tour participants are bold enough to do it, they are greeted with enthusiasm. This frequently results in a lot of laughter in the tour group!

A folk dance will be performed by some of the farm’s female laborers and youngsters for those who want a more relaxing sort of entertainment. There’s always a lot of color and excitement in these!

The Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary has a little zoo where children and adults may get up-and-personal with the animals. It also contains a large deer park, allowing the deer to walk freely in their natural habitat! It also has a rose garden and a botanical garden for people who enjoy flowers!

You’ll learn about the creatures and birds that live in Goa, as well as the plants that can be found there! This is a journey that will pique the interest of nature enthusiasts, so don’t miss out!


Take as many photos as you can at the Christian Museum. These majestic structures date back years before returning to Panaji, the state capital, to discover its treasures.

Day #4 – Alternative plan

Famous places to visit in Panjim
Bay 15
The Fisherman’s Wharf
The Black Sheep Bistro
Kokni Kanteen
Ritz Classic

Continue your stay in Panaji with a visit to the city’s most popular attraction, Miramar Beach. This beach is clean and loaded with soft sand, making it ideal for relaxing, nighttime strolls, or perhaps binge drinking at one of the taverns or bars along the shore.


Take a river trip on the Mandovi.

Prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime experience: an hour-long boat excursion on the Mandovi River after a couple of hours at the peaceful Miramar Beach. The laid-back sail, traditional dance performances such as Dekhni and Fugdi, DJ music, sightseeing, and, most importantly, the gorgeous Goan sunset all combine to make it the ideal way to spend some quality time with friends or family.

Try one of the cruises over the Mandovi river. You may also enjoy live music and dancing starting at 9 p.m., as well as a world-class gourmet buffet and complimentary drinks, making your casino (“Are Goa casinos open?) visit even more worthwhile.
Last Cruise: Around 8.00 pm

Fontainhas Latin Quarter Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

It’s almost lunchtime, so take a break from all the touring and stop at one of Panaji’s famed restaurants or cafés for a traditional Goan meal.

Famous casinos in Goa

Deltin Royale
Deltin Jaqk
Deltin Caravela
Big Daddy Jetty
Casino Pride


When in Goa, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on the memorable gaming experience offered by the state’s offshore casinos. Who knows, you just might get lucky!

Fees start at Rs. 1500 dollars per person.

You can also spend as much time as you like in the casino; you can even stay until dawn to keep playing and maybe winning before heading back to your hotel (“Are Goa hotels open during pandemic?”).

Day 5 – South Goa

The beaches in South Goa are spectacular, and the water is crystal clean. If you want to spend some time alone without being bothered, South Goa is the spot for you.

We checked out and headed directly to Colva Beach, where we sat and relaxed for a while before going on another Jet ride.

Then we walked to Sunset Beach, where you can relax and enjoy the tranquilly of the beach.

Travel Tips within Goa

1. Rent a car or a bike that will greatly assist you.
2. Determine how and what to cover the next day with taxi drivers a day ahead of time. Plan your day ahead of time because Goa has a lot to offer and having a plan will undoubtedly help you.
3. Bring a beach mat or plastic sheet with you, as most beaches in south Goa lack shacks.
4. Bring your drinks with you if at all feasible, as shacks charge excessive prices unless you haggle.
5. One piece of advice is to not rely exclusively on GPS, and even if you do, keep an eye on the distance (KMs) left as you move; if you see it has increased after taking a turn or skipping a turn, double-check with someone nearby.
6. Pick a restaurant carefully because the flavors may differ from what you expect. As a vegetarian, we had various challenges and even found ourselves eating at restaurants where the food tasted terrible. So, at least once a day, try out reliable sources like subway, Dominos, and so on.

Enjoy a nice breakfast at the hotel or outside before heading south to visit the tourist destinations. South Goa has a lot to offer for individuals of all interests, from calm and gorgeous beaches to venerated shrines to wildlife sanctuaries and more.

Given the frantic pace of the first four days, it would be excellent to spend the final day of the tour simply relaxing, away from the clamor and bustle of the north. South Goa’s sun-kissed beaches and breathtaking scenery are sure to provide you with pure happiness.

Famous places to visit in South Goa

Colva Beach – for adventure sports like skiing, parasailing and paragliding

Benaulim Beach -for spice plantations, boat rides, bike rides and other water activities

Agonda Beach – for windsurfing, hiking and dolphin rides

Palolem Beach -for silent parties, dolphin spotting, scuba diving and sunset viewing

Polem Beach – for swimming and sunbathing

You can also visit Shantadurga Temple, which is a sight to behold.
For a complete roundup on all the best beaches in Goa, check our ‘beaches in Goa guide’

Whenever you’re hungry, you can enjoy a sumptuous Goan meal or other multi-cuisine delicacies at any of the restaurants, cafes or shacks dotted across South Goa.

Famous places to eat in South Goa

Martin’s Corner, Betalbatim
The Fisherman’s Wharf, Cavelossim
Dropadi, Palolem
The Red Ginger, Colva
Mickey’s Colva
Zeebop, Majorda


It is recommended to return to the airport in time for your flight with a backpack full of memories after spending whatever time you have at the most popular spots in South Goa.

South Goa is a tranquil alternative to North Goa, which is significantly more touristy and congested. This South Goa travel guide is for you if you prefer unhurried travel, local experiences, and discovering lesser-known locations, and having an intimate encounter with nature.

South Goa Trip Budget

The cost of your vacation is determined by the length of your trip, the season, and the lodging, food, and transportation options you select.

For your stay, go for all-inclusive homestays. Ask for a discount if you stay longer.

Staying in Goa Airbnb houses has the advantage of allowing you to make your own meals and save money that would otherwise be spent on restaurants.

Stay at hotels that are close to activities and attractions. Spending money on local cabs is not a good idea.

Make sure that the first hotel you check into as soon as you arrive in Goa and the last hotel you check out of are both close to the airport. You can save both time and money by reducing the number of kilometres driven and the amount of fuel consumed.

On websites like Booking.com and Agoda, look for good hotel offers. They’re my favourites because you receive great deals and the option to cancel at any time without penalty.

South Goa Travel Tips & Tricks

The local taxis that you employ for commuting may be the worst part of your Goa vacation. Don’t you think so? You might be able to save money on your hotel, but cabs in Goa can burn a hole in your budget.

While in Goa, use the Goa Miles App. Because Goa lacks Ola or Uber, local taxi drivers take advantage of tourists. Say no to them and instead download the Goa Miles app for substantially cheaper local cabs. If you want to drive, rent a car for the duration of your journey.

Where to stay in South Goa?

South Goa has plenty of accommodation options for all kinds of budgets. You can either choose one of the heritage hotels in South Goa, such as Vivenda dos Palhacos, Arco Iris Boutique Homestay, or a comfy Airbnb for a budget stay.Majorda is a lovely village in South Goa’s Salcete district. Majorda, which is not distant from the airport, is a good place to start your trip in Goa.

It’s an incredible mix of vintage appeal emitted by Portuguese homes, historic churches, art galleries, and Goa’s peaceful, unimposing rural village life. Not to mention Majorda Beach, which is one of the most tranquil beaches in South Goa.

We propose that you satisfy your hunger at Martin’s Corner and Pentagon Restaurant, both of which serve delicious seafood and other non-vegetarian cuisine. Visit them during off-peak hours, when the crowds are smaller.
Pentagon has a lovely outdoor seating with a view of the lush fields.

Margao is your alternative to Panjim’s Fontainhas, which is in North Goa. Nicole drove us to a viewpoint, which was from a church. It was a great place to enjoy some panoramic views.

Day #6 – Temples & Waterfalls

One of Goa’s oldest temples is the Brahma Karmali Temple. The temple draws a large number of devout devotees from all across the region. This temple, which is located in Carambolim, is considered to have played a significant role in Goa’s war for independence. During the conflict, a member of Congress held numerous sessions in the building.

Learning about the temple’s historical history is spiritually uplifting, and wandering the temple grounds is a wonderful way to unwind!

This temple is named after Brahma Karmali, a nearby town. The temple’s main idol is claimed to date back to the 12th century. It is completely free to visit and explore this temple.

For nature lovers and adrenaline addicts alike, this waterfall is a must-see! You’ll stroll through a narrow trail through the forest on your route to the waterfall. Beautiful river creeks winding their way through the forest will greet you along the journey.


Locals that visit the waterfall are always pleasant and helpful, and they are happy to accompany tourists to the waterfall!

Hivre Waterfall is popular amongst locals and tourists alike so it’s often busy, especially on weekends.

The waterfall is located only 14 kilometers from Valpoi City.

You will need to travel through the Thane village to get to the Hivre falls!