Goa witnesses an ‘acid attack’

Goa is the land of peace. The people have been known to reside with each other peacefully. Recently an ugly incident has cast a shadow over that fact. A duo of a young girl and her grandmother were victims of an acid attack in Vancio-vaddo, Guirim. It is alleged that the attack was by their next door neighbour. The girls family had a dispute with the neighbour over a traditional pathway near the house.


The attack took place during the wee hours of June 8. Previous night had witnessed three power cuts. Due to it being warm; windows in the room were opened. The duo were sleeping near the window of the room. The Grandmother was visiting the family. The 16-year-old girl usually slept in another room. However that night the girl slept in the unfortunate spot along with her grandmother.


The attack

At about 5-5:30 Am the girl felt a burning sensation on her face. She woke up to wash her face and realised what had happened. The girl suffered burn injuries on her face, chest and her hand. “They were sleeping in the main room of the house with the window partially open. At about 5:30 am, the accused trespassed into their property and threw the acid on them.” A senior police officer was quoted in a report.

While the grandmother suffered burn injuries due to the acid attack on her hand. Both the victims were rushed to the North Goa district hospital. The girl was admitted while the grandmother was discharged after treatment.


The alleged accused of the crime were arrested under IPC section 326 – A and Section 8 under the Goa Children’s Act. PSI Ramnathkar is the investigating officer for the case. “We are interrogating the accused. The girl’s statement has been recorded by the police in the presence of an NGO,” a source from the police was quoted in a report.

The victim is a young girl with her entire life ahead of her. Being victim to an acid attack is a grave violation of the girl’s right to life. The case must be probed and the accused brought to book.

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  1. Gawd what is happening in Goa. I feel scared to check whats happening there. Only see Rape- accidents -fights etc and now this horrible horrible deed – throwing acid!!! For Rape the Death Penalty should be enforced or the next whacko will think he can get away with it as the other guy just did!!

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