Goa in the year 3000

Goa in the year 3000 – Fact or Fiction?


Author Anita A. Love-Williams is a science fiction enthusiast who foresees a glorious, advanced Goa in the year 3000. A Goa unimaginable to us in this day and age.

Her brand new Science Fiction piece is in six parts. At her behest, each part will be published separately as the story unfolds. So join Anita on her journey into the future – Goa in the year 3000.

In the first part of her Story, she speaks about technological advances of Goa in the future and how events led up to such news. Women empowerment and women-friendly features in Goa in the year 3000.

PART 1 – “FLY GOA” By Anita A. Love-Williams

(Within my cute, fun insider location we find the canny comparison with smart and proactive elements of North Goa. The discussion is far advanced. Intelligent as well as beautiful, we women DO participate. In the future Goa of Year 3000, all ladies there will live fully empowered. Classy women everywhere will have had common goals with these ladies.)

Let’s examine some new, female-friendly features of Goa Year 3000, where developments will validate the goings-on.

One technological advance will have to be special traveling carpets made of sound, which will be skillfully woven by us women. Sound being a known quantity in Indian culture, the carpets will bring excellent music. This will cause great joy amongst the esteemed people. By 3000, we will have come to protect the amazing carpets simply due to their awesomeness: a cultural advance.

Flying Carpets
(Pic. for representation purposes only)

Art is natural. For bringing the carpets, women get blessed. For an ambitious woman, fame brings wealth. Staying, improving, and expanding will be abilities acquired everywhere in Goa by Year 3000.

On the complex, yet short, road to the formidable musical carpets, i.e. before this futuristic advance happens, protecting must come: certain powerful amulets. Legal and readily available, the invincible amulets display a magnificent outcome; used correctly, they are safe. More than ever in the touristic righteousness of our time, safety is necessary and the need for it is painfully obvious. By the future, burgeoning along with the special flying carpets will be the long-established protective amulets. It will all flourish in an irresistible mix.

A modern plus preservationist outlook finds a vibrant future Goa.”


Information Credit: Anita A. Love-Williams   Any correspondence may be directed to the author.