Turn Your Goan Christmas Experience Into A Jar of Memories


If you are visiting Goa during end of December then don’t miss out on the unique Goan Christmas experience!!!
It’s that time of the year where celebrations fill the air for the year that has been with plans and dreams made for the laziest time of the year.

What better way to ring in the New Year than India’s party capital, Goa!
From the unusual seashore events to the romantic moonlit cruises, Goa has been recognised as India’s preferred vacation destination.

While Goa is recognized to be brimming with cheer and enthusiasm during this time of the year, the two months of December and January attain the absolute zenith.

The land has prosperous Christian subculture with lovely church buildings teaming up with Catholic festivities. The Goan Christmas experience has begun.
This pocket-sized paradise of India is changed into a dizzying kingdom of festive fervour, and it is difficult now not to be completely consumed on with the aid of the celebrations.

Here are some unique Goan Christmas experiences you must try when hitting Goa for Chirstmas.

Be a Part of Midnight Mass
The churches in Goa are architectural gemstones from a bygone colonial generation that is delivered to existence at Midnight mass.

It has more than four hundred churches, big and small, and there’s no higher way to have fun Christmas in Goa than by means of attending a night-time mass service.

Say a prayer, provide thanks for your benefits and be part of others in singing hymns and carols. You can go to the Basilica of Bom Jesus and the Immaculate Conception Church to be a part of a middle – night mass.

Image Source: blog.parrikar.com

Enjoy Amazing Firework Show
During Christmas in Goa, all the streets are lit up and marketplaces are embellished with tinsel and buntings. Enjoy the colourful firework exhibit all around.

Some of the best locations to revel in the firework are Anjuna Beach, Arambol Beach, Calangute Beach, and Vagator Beach. The regions of old Goa, dotted through numerous church buildings show superb fireworks and impart an irresistible enchantment to the festive fervor.

Indulge in Christmas Eve Dance
Goa is famous for its seaside events and nightlife however at some stage in Christmas celebrations, the environment is different. One can experience lively vibes and admire glinting decorations around.

The celebrations are taken to a new level withe Christmas Eve Dance. One can experience Christmas Eve dance events at locations like Vagator and Anjuna beaches.

Burn the Old Man
Not precisely a Christmas celebration, however, the subculture of burning the historical man subculture on New Year’s Eve is an age-old exercise stored alive with the aid of native Goans even today. As the identity suggests, countless effigies comparable to ancient men, made of hay and ancient clothes, are set on the hearth to signify the destruction of the concerns and ills of the preceding year. Money is generally collected by teenagers to save for subsequent year’s celebrations.

Indulge in luxurious Christmas dinner
During the Christmas holidays, you’ll discover something for each festive appetite. From mouth-watering delights like roast turkey, pork sorpotel and an assortment of grilled seafood on the menu to the Portuguese-influenced treats such as bebinca (a Goan forte layer sweet made from eggs, flour, coconut milk and butter) and Goa’s unique Christmas Dodol (a festive, toffee-like sweet), the list is endless.

Christmas in Goa can be spent in many ways – partying it up on its beaches, indulging in sumptuous meals or simply by taking the time out to experience the heart and soul of Goa with your family. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags for a Christmas like never before.