Goan cuisine in Ribandar – Texeira’s, the famous food hut

A taste of Goa

Goa is home to one of India’s tastiest cuisine. The flavours, the aroma and the taste of Goan cuisine are a gastronomic delight. Unless you have personal contacts with Goan families, you may go round in circles looking for places to savour these Goan delicacies.  brings you one such eatery that will leave you salivating for more.

Texeira’s at Ribandar :

Danny Texeira, Bernard Texeira’s handsome son, giving that extra special touch

Texeira’s boasts of authentic Goan delicacies that can’t be found in most Restaurants. Even if they are, the flavour and taste that Bernard J.  Texeira offers are comparable almost to none. Famous for its ‘Cutlet Pao’, Texeira’s has a variety of home-cooked delights served up hot. The Pork chops too cannot be ignored. Chicken Cafreal, Sausage bread, Beef Chillyfry – just for starters.

Texeira’s menu
Pic. Credit: Jessyl Fernandez

A quaint little hut, by the side of the Nossa Senhora da Remedios Chapel on the Ribandar junction, easy to find. Just a stone’s throw from the Panjim Divja Circle. Not much of an ambiance, Texeira’s has just four tables and chairs propped on either side of a little room. Usually, you have to wait your turn to occupy one of them.

Mr. J. Bernard Texeira, the Proprietor, cooks and serves his customers. His assistant Danny is none other than his own son.

The man behind it all – Mr. Bernard J. Texeira
Pic. Credit: Jessyl Fernandez

Texeira’s is famous for their ‘Cutlet Pao’  (a slice of beef, well beaten and marinated in a spicy Goan masala, coated with semolina and deep fried, then inserted into a special Goan bread ‘pao’ with a salad). The cutlet-pao is to-die-for. Served up hot and crunchy with some fresh salad, having a flavour of its own. You can’t come away with just one. So two it is! Their pork chops are another thing altogether! In addition, you can order some mouth-watering chicken cafreal, pork roast, beef chillyfry and choris pao. It’s a place you’ll never forget as you’ll end up trying it all. It’s a place you’ll never forget as you’ll end up trying it all.

So head down to Texeira’s….what are you waiting for?

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