Good food provides us with nutrition and makes us healthier. We cannot live without it. Though food varies from country to country and place to place, at the end of it all we don’t just need a meal that will satisfy our hunger but we need a meal that will also satisfy our heart.

Same ingredients but different styles of preparation and cooking. Our mouths water to the smell of all the aromas as the food is being prepared. How wonderful it is to enjoy a hearty meal with family and friends. That is how we like it here in Goa. A feast of delicious Goan food, taste it once and it will keep you coming for more.

The Goan staple fish curry rice or ‘ xitt codi’ is something every true Goan needs and will definitely not go without in their diet. It is cooked daily in Goan houses with the most common choice of fish being mackerel or ‘Bangude’. This fish is readily available in the market, cheap and utterly nutritious simultaneously.

The other side dishes that are prepared to go along with this lovely meal is ‘Reachado Bangude’ which is Mackerel stuffed with reachado masala. Not to forget prawns, another distinct part of Goan cuisine. Fried prawns are the best to have with Fish curry rice, adding to the flavour and making it even more satisfying!

A Goan is all about his food, a big warm meal can relieve you of any stress. The happiness while having your favourite dish cannot be replaced with any other. And the main dish, the hero of them all, for every Goan is, without a doubt, the fish curry rice!