Goan girls drown at Nagarmadi Waterfalls – Karwar


Five Goans drowned at the Nagarmadi waterfalls near Karwar (Karnataka) on 17th September, 2017. Out of the 5, bodies of two women were recovered while the Goa Police continue search operations for the 3 persons still missing.

The local MLA’s brother is said to have rushed to the site with the rescue team.

What began as a fun-filled overnight picnic for a group of 50 residents of Raia, South Goa, ended up in a sad day to remember. A sudden surge in the water level caused the pool at the foot of the waterfall to flood and claim the five lives.

The bodies that were recovered belonged to Frencila Pereira, 21, and Fiona Pacheco, 28. Those still missing were named as Marelina Mesquita, 38, Renuka and Siddarth Chari (age not known) who were part of the same group.

The Nagarmadi Waterfalls, though enchanting, is very dangerous.  Last year they claimed the life of a young Goan boy Nyx Erline Fernandes, an SSC student.

The water cascades from over a huge rock into a pool which flows through an opening under that rock. Nargarmadi waterfalls is a beautiful picnic spot that draws hundreds of Goan picnickers.

Nagarmadi waterfalls
Image: Lokasoapp

To avoid further loss of lives, danger signs need to be erected at these places to warn picnickers of the imminent danger during the monsoons.

Ofcourse, some may still choose to risk their lives despite the dangers. After all, who’s to stop a jolly gang of picnickers?