Goan-made goalkeeper jerseys worn on field at FIFA U17

Jerseys stitched by Moses Gonsalves of Avalon Sport Wear @ Ribandar, Goa

Goans watching the Guinea v/s Iran match on Saturday (and the Guinea v/s Costa Rica yesterday) at the Fatorda grounds, finally got to see the much longed for “Goan element” on the field. Can you guess what it was? Here’s the secret.

Before the matches began the Guinea coach Souleymane Camara was taken aback. He found the goalkeeper’s Jerseys were not as per FIFA specifications and he needed to get them rectified before their opener against Iran on Saturday 7th October. What was he to do?

Who would save the Guinea team from this embarrassing situation?

Fortunately for Guinea, a Goan named Moses Gonsalves came to his rescue. Moses Gonsalves is a die-hard football fan and the owner of a sports goods store in Ribandar named Avalon Sports Wear.


When the Guinea team approached Moses he felt pure elation. This was what he and every Goan had longed for – a chance to put a truly ‘Goan’ touch out there on the field. Moses who designs and manufactures jerseys and sportswear for all the major clubs in Goa including Goa’s very own FC Goa, grabbed the opportunity. He took it upon himself to not only save the Guinea team from embarrassment but to also add a “touch of Goa” to the teams playing. He called his 18 staff members together and within just 3 hours they made the impossible happen. They designed and stitched the Goalkeeper’s Jerseys. Moses and his team of 18 staff members are thrilled to be part of this historical moment. Watch the video, listen to Moses express his joy at “making it happen.”

Interestingly, Moses and Avalon Sports Wear  are also sponsors of Sesa Football Academy’s complete sports apparel for the players and support staff of the current batch. His son Malcom Gonsalves is a junior trainee in the current batch of the Sesa Football Academy (SFA). They are undergoing their second year training until completion of their training in 2018. Since its inception in June 1999, SFA has churned out 109 footballers donning national and international jerseys.

Moses, in this video, speaks passionately about his love for football and says Goa should have more and more residential academies for improving the quality of football in the state of Goa at the grassroots level.

Information source: Goa365TV, TOI

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