Five Goan Movies To Watch On a Boring Weekend. No.4 is Award-winning!


Finding the best Goan movies to watch is a hard task. We list out five such Konkani movies that are worth your time this weekend.

Goa has played host to the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) since 2004, when it was permanently moved to the State. Which seems to be more popular as a tourist destination than anything else.

With such a prominent role in the Indian film industry, it is no surprise that Goa has its fair share of Goan movies made almost entirely in the state. Sometimes these movies are in Konkani, while other times English. Even Goan Marathi films pop up every once in a while. But rarely is a film made in Goa, in Hindi.

Here are the five best Goan movies to watch,

1. K Sera Sera
Directed with the aid of Rajiv Shinde, a trainer at the Goa Arts College, K Sera Sera is one of the extra performed function movie made in the State.

Written by using Shinde himself, it has two parallel stories, one of a ruthless career-driven corporate woman who struggles to discover solace in her personal life, and the other of an aged man on the verge on retirement.

Even although their paths don’t in reality move and their lives are contrasting in many ways, they are each engaged in a frequent search for peace.

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2. Cynthia – A Horror Goan Movie
As a genre, horror has a lot of Hindi and English films underneath its belt. This is the first time ever that a horror film has been made in Konkani. ‘Cynthia’ has been made underneath the banner of Goa Global Productions.
The music in the film has been produced with extraordinary interest to detail.

‘Cynthia’ is some thing that has in no way been executed earlier and is a movie that appears to be promising in the horror genre.

Image Credit – TimesofIndia

3. Disha – A Marathi Goan movie
Disha which interprets as ‘direction’ is a Marathi movie through Sainath Parab. This Marathi Goan film has been chosen for screening at the twenty-second Kolkata International Film Festival.

The story revolves around a software program engineer working on an interactive working device for the visually impaired.
He falls in love with a blind lady (impressively performed by Prajakta Wadaye). The film delves into that delicate but vital strand of life: relationships.

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4. Nachom-ia-Kumpasar
‘Nachom-ia-Kumpasar’ which ability ‘let’s dance collectively to the rhythm’, is regarded to be one of the quality Goan videos ever made.

The movie was once a severely acclaimed film that bagged many country wide movie awards like in ‘Best Production Design’, ‘Best Konkani Film’ categories.

‘Nachom-ia-Kumpasar’ which mean ‘let’s dance collectively to the rhythm’, is regarded to be one of the best Goan movies ever made. The movie was once a severely acclaimed film that bagged many countrywide movie awards like in ‘Best Production Design’, ‘Best Konkani Film’ categories. It additionally acquired a specific point out for its woman lead Palomi Ghosh.

The movie narrates the story of a music composer and singer and their emotional trip set in the backdrop of the ’60s and 70’s eras. Just when the state was liberated from 450 years of Portuguese rule.

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5. FAKE – Fully Artistic Killer Entertainment
Fake is perhaps the single most expensive Goan movie was made in quite a while. With its production being at par with something straight out of Bollywood.

Alongside some very professionally executed music videos for catchy tunes like ‘Paplet’. The story for this Goan movie revolves around an unemployed guy and a school PE teacher. Who try to fake being police officers and make a quick buck from the local gangs.

Upon being caught they need to find evidence to make the real police catch them before they get killed.

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