Goan start-up gearing up to light up Smart Cities in India


India’s urban development sector is one of those areas which has sustained a significant technological boost in the past couple of years. With projects like “Smart Cities Mission”, the government has been aggressively investing and pushing forward innovation country wide. In this period, various start-ups have come forward as well for modernizing the archaic methods and bringing more seamless IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

The Goa-based start-up, Tungsta, is one of them and its team has been developing a much smarter streetlights system for the past year.

Tungsta is a cloud-based wireless system for street lighting. The start-up fundamentally wants to revolutionize the product with a significantly more modern and effortless product that works with new as well as existing setups.

Tungsta comes with every feature you’d need for such a project and each of these can be controlled remotely. More importantly, they have integrated a series of sensors including one that can analyze the traffic condition and dim the lights accordingly. As a result of this, the company claims they are able to conserve roughly 64% of energy.


The network can be managed entirely through a real-time dashboard termed as “Tungsta Panel”. It includes a granular availability of options including live monitoring of every light, luminosity controls, individual conditions, warnings and it can even report whenever any particular fixture is down which leads to 35% savings in maintenance cost. One of the rationales behind this project is the lack of proper infrastructure in the current solutions especially when it comes to maintenance.

Nagarjun Kinare, CEO of Tungsta, mentions, “The entire maintenance is done by folks from the electricity department, right from turning these lights on in the evening to repairing them only when a complaint is received. Forget the energy saving aspect, there is nothing in place to look after these street lights once they have been installed and running.”

Moreover, Tungsta’s hardware isn’t limited to merely enabling smarter street lights. Its components have been designed considering the vast potential of these cities and hence, any Tungsta module can be easily, for instance, swapped with a Wi-Fi one, thus making each pole a wireless Hotspot.

Source: Technology Personalised