Goan way of beating the heat? Not anymore

Goa is known for its beaches and a relaxed lifestyle. Every other Indian would trade anything in the world to be a Goan. Goa receives hundreds of domestic tourists in the summer season. All come down to beat the heat by taking a plunge in the clear blue ocean and living the Goan way of life.

On the other hand, what do Goans do themselves during summer? Well, from past generations, an age-old summer activity was to visit the natural springs. Goa was blessed with them all over the state. It was the most common place to visit and have a family picnic. The natural spring water was so fresh and cold that it would help decrease the body heat in no time. The most popular natural springs known were Sonalle in Verna, Pomburpa in Bardez, Harvalem in Bicholim, and Rivona in Quepem.

What has changed the scenario now? Most of these natural springs mentioned above have been polluted and are extinct or are on the verge of extinction. In Verna specifically, the pollution was caused due to industrial discharge in the natural water resources. This went unnoticed for a while until people started experiencing foul smell and skin rashes. Soon the natural springs were closed to public. In other places, the cause of depletion is because of rise in construction.The water has either stopped flowing or was unusable.


Nothing has been done to restore these natural springs. Simply because nothing can be done. The damage done is far too much to restore the natural springs to its former beauty. The only solution that could possibly be implemented is to preserve the remaining natural springs to the best way possible.

Pic Credit: Window to Nature

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