How are Goans reacting to Donald Trump becoming the US President ?

Donald Trump’s win has come as a surprise to many. We asked a few fellow Goans on their reaction to his election as the President of the United States of America. The question asked was, “What is your reaction to Donald Trump being elected as the US President?”


The US Presidential election results have erupted mixed feelings from the people within America and around the world. Trump is the first US President(elect) to have no background in politics or defence.

A Billionaire businessman who used many unrealistic concepts like the wall which he plans to build with the tax-payers’ money to keep the ‘enemies’ away as a tactic.


Though he promised to lower the taxes paid by the industries, factories and companies set up in America, which will, in turn, produce employment in the country, it doesn’t seem like Trump will be in a state of being a President for the People of America, but only the white race of the country.

D.J. Trump used racism as a tool to achieve the confidence of the White American. Since the Trump campaign went in its high gear, a lot of racism and racial crime was reported in the US.

Aliston Dias, Professor


Donald Trump’s election could work as a ‘reset’ button for America. By dumping a seasoned politician and electing a businessman, America has ousted the traditional establishment and voted for change. There will definitely be repercussions within the USA and across the world. Reported to be a male chauvinist, racist and questioner of global warming, only time will tell whether this was truly the change America desired or a mistake that will prove to be costly.

Lyndon J Pinto, Journalist


The mandate secured by Trump can be called historic as he was seen as an outsider, someone not from the establishment. He intelligently throughout his campaigns gave politically incorrect but strong statements on terrorism, immigration, healthcare and economy – which I believe most of the American electorate wanted someone to say them from a long time.

As far as relations with India are concerned, Obama had laid the necessary foundation, with the Trump as next Commander in Chief they’ll significantly improve especially because he has previously acknowledged India’s importance to the US on many fronts.

Ramrai Naik, Media Student


America f****d up in the most brilliant way. They elected a racist, xenophobic, female genitalia grabbing, climate change denier and a lot more, to become the president of one of the most powerful countries on the planet. His entire party is known for denying claims made by a majority of the scientists.

It’s not America who will suffer from this directly, but much smaller nations and everything that Obama has worked towards.

Military tensions will rise now and the nuclear race might start again as he has stated his interest in pulling out of NATO.

Dunstan Dias, Student/Musician


Trump is the voice of the disenfranchised middle class, working class Americans..and proof that the established political class will no longer dominate the common man.

Ashish Acharjya, NCC cadet


I think Donald Trump’s agenda of “America first” and his idea to reorient foreign trade deals is likely to affect trade treaties, especially with India. His victory can put an end to the H1B visa programme. The Indian IT sector stands to lose out millions of dollars due to changes in visa policy.

Mahesh Naik, Freelance Writer

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