Goa’s first English school to celebrate its 130th anniversary

130 years ago in 1887, a deacon by the name of William Robert Lyons started a school in Goa as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to this land. He established the St. Joseph’s High School in Arpora, which also happens to be Goa’s first English school especially at a time when education was encouraged and conducted in Portuguese.

Reasons for Fr. Lyons to start the school

Fr. William Lyons
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Fr. Lyons is said to have been suffering from a skin ailment and to cure it he traveled all across India. Finally someone advised him to go to Goa, where a particular spring with medicinal properties might cure the disease. He was told that the spring was located in ‘Siquerim’ and after finding it, he bathed in its waters. It is said that his ailment was cured.

Fr. Lyons wanted to do something for the land and its people in return to show gratitude. He decided to setup a school. After finding an appropriate location in Arpora, the St. Joseph’s High School was established.  The school is also Goa’s first English medium school. Today a bust of Fr. Lyons stands at the entrance, honoring his memory.


Alpha 2017

‘Alpha 2017’ is an art, science and cultural exhibition organised by the school to celebrate its 130th anniversary. The exhibition will be open for three days starting from February 17 to 19. The occasion will also commemorate the golden jubilee of the Diocesan Society of Education (DSE) taking over the school in 1967.

All the alumni and benefactors of the school are cordially invited to the exhibition.

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