Goan food has been made perfect from the very beginning. The women of Goa cook delicious food everyday for their families. When there is a festival or a celebration food is the first thing that is thought of. It is made keeping in mind that a lot of people are going to be there. The gigantic vessels come out to cater to the masses.

The Goan cuisine has been affected greatly by Hindu origins, Portuguese colonization and modern techniques. Rice, seafood, coconut, vegetables and local spices are some of the core ingredients. The staple cereal being rice is largely cultivated in the state. Rice is produced in various forms, one of them is ‘saana’, a form of bread which is prepared along with palm toddy.

Though most of the traditional cooking hasn’t changed, there are many modern twists that are tried. The cooking is taken very seriously, a lot of love and care is put into it as well. The Portuguese introduced chillies, cashew, pineapples, potatoes and more in the state this certainly had a great impact on the culinary world in Goa.

Goan dishes have Portuguese names on them one of the reasons for this is beacause they are influenced mostly by the Portuguese. The heavy use of coconut and vinegar in the cooking is also another introduction by the Portuguese. There is a vast variety of spices that are used in the goan dishes, making them more delightful.

Seafood is the heart of Goan cuisine while Pork and other meats are definitely favourites and cannot be left out! The fish curry rice is the most popular and can be added as the staple diet of the Goan people. Balchao, Xacuti, Reichado, Vindaloo, sorpotel, Chourico(pork Sausages) for the main course while for dessert they have bebinca, dodol and nyoriyo which are some of the dishes that are prepared by the beautiful housewives of Goa.

In Goa the Hindu cuisine is slightly different from the cuisine that is prepared by the Catholics. Hindu cuisine is more vegetarian however the younger generation have started taking up having meat. The combination and mixtures of spices that are used in both the cooking varies. The Catholic cuisine has been influenced by the Portuguese much more which can be noticed in their style of cooking.

Goan food has an irresistible way of making people want more and more. The Goans take emence pride in their food. To wash all of it down, the local liquor – feni is the best way. Carefully prepared, this drink will just blow your mind away. The traditions and heritage are endless and most pristine to the goan people. The admiration and love for Goa by its people is outstanding and beautiful.