Stacy Rodrigues

Goa’s own Stacy Rodrigues once again in the limelight


Stacy Rodrigues, after competing in the beauty pageant “Princess India”, a beauty pageant for the visually impaired, forged her name in the world of art.  “In an attempt to give back to mother nature what she so selflessly gives us, and what is slowly being lost in the name of progress”,  artists Clarice Vaz and Stacy Rodrigues have come together to showcase their love for nature through an exhibition of paintings titled ‘The Giver’, expressing their love for mother nature and portraying her beauty through mediums of acrylic and charcoal.

Stacy Rodrigues
Pic. Credit Clarice Vaz: This painting has been inspired by the Salmona Spring in my village of Saligao. Acrylics on Canvas 48×36″ highly textured (Syringe painting technique)

The reason behind the exhibition

“How important she (mother nature) is to us?”, in the words of Stacy Rodrigues and  “We depend heavily on nature for our survival…yet we are destroying our Planet….the need to connect inwardly with OUR GIVER has become more urgent than ever” in the words of Clarice Vaz.

What is special about Stacy Rodrigues

Stacy Rodrigues inherited a macular degenerative disease  (Stargardt) causing her bilateral vision to decrease to barely 20% at an early age of 14. Nothing was to stop Stacy. After failed attempts at various options and hitting a low, Stacy took to poetry and painting. Thus began her journey as an artist. A student of the National Association for the Blind, this exhibition is dedicated to the cause.

Stacy Rodrigues, Pic. Credit: Facebook
Stacy Rodrigues: The gone days – charcoal, 15.5×11.6 Clear waters, white sands. Our beaches r no longer the same. Pic. Credit: Facebook

A poet, singer and now an artist, this pretty belle showcased her art through various solo exhibitions titled, ‘Into the Light’, ‘The Voyage’ and’ The World Through My Eyes’ as well as group exhibitions – ‘TheSpectrum’, ‘Different Strokes’,  etc.

Coming together with renowned, self-taught, contemporary abstract artist Clarice Vaz, a true ‘Goenkar’ at heart, Stacy Rodrigues is ready to portray her works through an exhibition titled ‘The Giver’, proceeds of which will go towards the betterment of NAB (National Association for the Blind).

Say Clarice and Stacy:”This is a tribute to our core inspiration ‘Mother Nature’ expressing our love for her, portraying her beauty through mediums of acrylic and charcoal.

In the words of Stacy, “The one thing I will not deny is, though I have felt and sensed the beauty of nature the desire to see it will always remain. In the process of exploring myself, battling against my limitations and improving my skills day by day as an artist, it feels blessed to share my work.” 

Stacy is an inspiration to many, young and old. Notwithstanding her disability, she pursued the thing she did best – painting and that too with aplomb.