Goa’s Perishable Goods Export hits a low

Export of fruits and vegetables from Goa are down by a whopping 86 per cent since five years. In comparison to 7,096 tons in 2010-11, Goa exported only 996 tonnes of perishable cargo in 2015-16

Fruits and Vegetables drop

In Goa, perishable exports mostly comprise of fruits and vegetables. Kaushal Khakhar from Kay Bee Exports said, “Exports of fruits and vegetables from Goa has come down because Dabolim airport doesn’t have RA3 certification”.

RA3 Certificate

In July 2014, the European Union (EU) made it mandatory for airports in countries (with cargo imported) to have RA3 (Regulated Agents) certification. Dabolim airport doesn’t have this certification.


Exception which isn’t practical

However, if an airline carrier takes cargo from Goa to another airport like Doha in Middle-East, and if that airport has RA3 certification, then exports to EU from Goa can happen. But due to the absence of RA3 certification at Dabolim airport, perishables export can’t happen directly from Goa to the European Union.

RA3 isn’t the only problem

This is not the only issue affecting perishable exports in the state. There are other issues, such as the phytosanitary certificates (PSC). In 2012, EU made it mandatory for each consignment of vegetables and fruits from India to have these certificates.

Will the State acquire these certificates and boost the agricultural sector of Goa? I guess we will have to wait and watch.

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