What net would you use to capture the best seafood in town? Why a golden net of course. The Golden Net at Ronil Beach Resort is one of the more famous names for seafood in the Baga area. Start with a Ronil’s Paradise… that is a cocktail, although the seafood preparations can help you reach there. The Goan style tiger prawns, lobsters and crabs are to die for. This open air restaurant is a popular place for many posh Goan Catholic weddings and parties and they have a long repertoire of classic Goan Portuguese and Fish Florentine. If you want a change of cuisine try the Chicken Tikka Makhni or go local with Chicken Xacutti. There is a way to sizzle too with the Beef Steak Sizzler. Its as multi cuisine as it can get with the Chilly Chicken and stuffed Crab. The all day dining area is by the poolside and is open for breakfast too. You have a choice of North and South Indian style preparations, European fare, juices and milk shakes.

It’s a great place to have lunch or dinner away from the crowds that throng Baga. With music every evening this place is sure to net you in its embrace.


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