Great buy at the ‘Flea market’

Yertward Mazamanian alias “Eight Finger Eddie” arrived in Goa during the mid 60’s. Instantly falling in love with Goa, he never left the state. In fact he even invited many of his ‘Hippie’ buddies to visit the state. Since working steady jobs wasn’t an option for them, how did they get by?

Many of these Hippies were Americans and arrived to Goa overland through Europe. Travelling in their camper vans all the way. Hardly anyone amongst them had any money. So when money was short they began to hawk their possessions like clothes, radios, guitars, footwear, art, etc (whatever they could give away). In order to extend their stay in Goa, such was their love for the state.

These Hippies would gather at a spot next to the Anjuna beach in order to sell their items. Since many people (including locals) turned up to buy and sell, it began to resemble a market. That’s how the famous flea market started off in Goa and it still takes place in the original spot.


Hippie movement waned in the late 70’s and early 80’s. But, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s visit to the Goa changed everything. As Goa was introduced to the British public, soon flights from UK began to land at Goa’s Dabolim airport.

Flea market was adopted by the new tourists arriving in Goa. Over the years Goans as well as foreigners have nurtured the market into the jewel it is today. The market comes alive every Wednesday during the season which mostly begins after monsoons (September) and ends during the summer (May).

Apparel, jewellery, tea, coffee, handicrafts, souvenirs, spices etc are just some of the things you can buy at the market and it is also a good place for a bargain. The market is especially good for those who are looking for gypsy clothes or bohemian attire. Some tourists and locals also visit the Flea market just for the ambience and food (various cuisines are available). If not interested in buying anything, it still makes a great place to hangout.

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