Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior III, in Goa.


Have you had the good fortune of seeing the Greenpeace ship – Rainbow warrior III?

If you haven’t yet seen this beauty by Greenpeace, here’s your opportunity. It’s been scheduled to dock off the Sinquerim coast on, Sunday 22nd October.

At a time when the Chief Minister of Goa says its too expensive to set up an NGT bench in Goa, we have the Rainbow Warrior itself making its appearance. Truly a rainbow in Goa’s Environment Sensitive skies. It makes you wonder who are the ones who really love the beaches and greenery of Goa. Those who come in thousands to enjoy for a few days and forget, or those who will fight for what they love, even when the going gets tough.

Recently, the high court bench, headed by Justice GS Patel, had strongly recommended that the Goa state government immediately take up with all seriousness the proposal to establish a circuit bench of the NGT in Goa. “No cause should be allowed to be lost for want of a court,” the judgment stated. “For this is something none can deny: this is a land truly worth fighting for.”

It looks like, at least Greenpeace believes in supporting those who believe that Goa’s environment is worth fighting for. In its maiden voyage to India, it chose to dock first in Goa. From here, it will proceed to Mumbai and then to Kochi.

The Guardians of Goa’s beautiful environment have grabbed the opportunity of getting support from Greenpeace. Around 25 Goan groups fighting environmental destruction will present their work in brief to the crew of the Rainbow Warrior, on Monday. The crew, in turn, will brief visitors about the historic struggles that the Rainbow Warrior series of ships has faced. The first such struggle was when the ship was bombed in 1985. The second, came when they played their role in helping end nuclear testing in the Pacific, blocking coal ports and shutting down destructive fishing operations.

Rainbow Warrior III, is an iconic ship which supports scientific research. It has been built to travel as fast as any industrial vessel. It is equipped with a satellite communications system. It also features a built-in satellite uplink and is able to stream live footage from scenes of environmental crimes, direct to the world’s media. The vessel that began its operations in October 2011 can carry up to eight tonnes of specialized equipment. It is also designed to support scientific research on board.

Information source: TOI Goa