Gretel Saldanha D’Souza competes for Miss & Mrs Megaverse 2018 crown


Goan beauty, Gretel Saldanha D’souza recently won the Ms Megaverse India 2017. She will now go on to represent India on an international level at the Miss and Mrs Megaverse 2018 to be held in Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic, from the 1st to the 8th May, 2018.

Gretel Saldanha D'souza
Gretel Saldanha D’souza – Winner of Ms Megaverse India 2017

What is ‘Miss Megaverse’

“The name of the pageant is Miss & Mrs Megaverse which has 5 categories :
Miss Teen – ages 13-18
Miss – ages 18-29 single, no children
Miss Petite – ages 18-49 height under 1.66
Ms – ages 30-49 or with children
Mrs – married with or without children

“I was selected in Ms category & I had to schedule my first round of interview,” says Gretel.

Miss Megaverse brings together a group of extraordinary women from around the world who are on top of their game, they dream big, they are go-getters, independent and resourceful and high achievers.

“The Megaverse team interviews about 2000 ladies all over the world out of which 30 ladies get selected to represent their countries in the finals. That’s how I got selected.”

Auditions were held online

Gretel mentioned that winning the pageant took her three rounds of auditions. Says she, “I got through to the first round it was an interview over Skype call & I cleared that round, then cleared the second round & the third round was over a video call. I cleared all 3 rounds & finally won the title of Ms Megaverse India 2018.”

The Competition was scheduled for October 2017 but due to the hurricane that struck The Dominican Republic, the finals were postponed to May 2018. (The Ms Megaverse sash will be exchanged for a new one of 2018 once she arrives at Punta Cana).

What was your reaction on winning the Ms Megaverse India 2017 title?

“I was at a loss for words when I won the title cause it was a dream come true for me as this was my dream from childhood.” “Extremely delighted and proud to represent my country,” says Gretel Saldanha D’souza.

The Final Competition gets tougher

The finals in Punta Cana will witness Gretel compete in various events over a period of seven days like an IQ test, EQ test, adventure activities like parasailing, zip lining, water sports etc. Apart from that, there is the Evening Gown round, Swimming Costume round, Shoe Show, Jewellery Show and Question and Answer round.

Gretel always had it in her

“As a child, I was always fascinated by a crown & always wanted to get into beauty industry that’s how I use to follow beauty pageants & one fine day I read about this pageant  & I applied for it by filling in the form online. I was selected in Ms category & I had to schedule my first round of interview. “

More about Gretel

“I have completed my MBA in Human Resource Management. I was working with Tech Mahindra Business Services (TechMBS) in Mumbai for a span of 8 years after which I took a break to complete my MBA.

Currently, Gretel works as a model in Mumbai.

Sponsors were required

One of Gretel’s main sponsors was her own mother

“After all this selection as a country representative we were supposed to gather sponsors to be able to pay for this entire trip,  the tickets, visa, the hotel stay, clothes, shoes, accessories etc.

The world finals are starting from 1st May 2018 till 8th may 2018 at the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) that’s in the Carribean Islands.

Unfortunately, I haven’t got any sponsors. So myself, my husband Andrew Dsouza & my mother Georgina Saldanha we three have sponsored this trip.”

Gretel and her husband, her other main sponsor

Fortunately for Gretel, her mother and husband stepped in to sponsor her.  Gretel will fly to Punta Cana to compete in the finals. We wish her all the best!

 Gretel Saldanha D’souza, do Goa proud!