Grim reality of the Goa tourism

Goa tourism industry is not doing well. According to the recent reports published in the two leading news organizations have highlighted the fact that tourism season in Goa has already ended. Although the traditional tourist season last till the month of May.

The reports suggested that there have been no new arrivals of foreign tourists in the state, those who were present in Goa have started to leave. This in fact has cut short the season by at least a month and a half. It is also causing great distress to businessman to run their businesses.

A photograph featuring in the news report suggested a shack being dismantled. However this is not the first that a business has closed down prematurely. Last year too some of the reports suggest a few business enterprises such as shacks closing down early due to low tourist turnout in Goa.


Surprisingly, in 2015 the number of tourists (both domestic and foreign) arriving in the state has actually gone up by 30%. According to the numbers quoted by Department of Tourism (Goa) on its website showed the state received more than five million visitors.

It would be only in the near future that numbers for this season will be received. A tourist season typically lasts from the month of October to May, peaking during December.


Source : DNA, PTI, Times of India

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1 thought on “Grim reality of the Goa tourism”

  1. The department of tourism might not be telling the truth, as no negative news must be published. Maybe the lower numbers of tourists coming in is something to do with the safety issues targeting the tourists. There have alarming number of ” natural and accidental deaths” among the tourists and every case seem to be filed as such, even if the evidence point to completely something else. This sad situation has been going on in Goa for years and seems to be only getting worse. It has started to make its way to the worldwide media and this is turn could just explain the missing tourists from the state of Goa.

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