Growing number of crimes linked to foreigners obtaining SIM cards illegally

Director General of Police (DGP) Muktesh Chander has revealed that in the course of investigating financial fraud cases and drug cases, the police has found foreigners involved in the crimes using forged documents to obtain SIM cards and using them for criminal activity.

During 2016-17 Goa police found 12 foreigners using illegal SIM cards in 15 cases. “Criminals very easily obtain SIM cards by submitting forged details. They produce somebody else’s photograph, name and even signature to procure the SIM card, whereas representatives of telecom companies verify the details by just a phone call. There is a gross violation of the procedure,” Chander was quoted by Herald.

The Goa police held a meeting with various representatives of cellular companies and asked them not to issue SIM cards to customers without verifying the Know Your Customers (KYC) forms.


The DGP further mentioned that it is difficult to identify people misusing cellular connections. “It is very difficult to identify and trace the actual subscriber and possibly if they are working for any terror organisation or sleeper cells. The SIM card should not be meant for wrong use and we have asked the companies/dealers/agents to ensure the same,” he stated.

He has mentioned that those dealers found to have sold SIM cards against fake documents have been arrested.

He further cautioned that people who get SIM cards against fake documents could also be involved in terror activities. “It is extremely important for police to act against those persons who obtained SIM cards in this manner as one of them could be a terrorist or working for a sleeper cells (spy, etc.),” Chander was quoted by ToI.

DGP Chander has also informed that the companies issuing SIM cards and failing to verify the authenticity of the documents provided will be fined. Also, the people who have issued a SIM card without verification of the documents will be considered to be accused in criminal cases.

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