GTDC to bring back Goa’s beloved Kesarval Spring in Verna


Goa’s iconic tourist spot Kesarval Spring fell on bad times over the last few years. What was once a marvelous location for a picnic, turned into a pile of garbage and reduced the spring waters to a mere trickle. Now, the GTDC plans to restore the area. The locals have also put their request that the spring is revived along with the beautification of the surrounding area.

There are no more spring waters to bathe under

This is an area that used to be visited a lot. It was a perfect alternative to going to the beach. The water gushing out of the openings in the overhead rocks was cool and inviting. But today, this place is reduced to almost nothing. With so much development and industrialization in the nearby areas, the water table has reduced drastically. Instead of being used for bathing, workers in the area, use the water to wash their clothes and utensils.

The GTDC has big plans for the Kesarval spring but locals are wary

There are big things in store for the area. The GTDC recently floated a tender for development of its property on the spring’s southern side, with a construction of a 35-room business hotel. “The rejuvenation of Kesarval spring is part of the project,” a source said. Other works include repairing the steps and some other beautification around the site.

Locals from the area are wary of what this plan will bring. “If it is only beautification and construction of a hotel, it will hardly help the revival of the spring,” said Lopinho Xavier, a local activist.

Cortalim MLA, Alina Saldanha has also gotten involved. She has written a letter to the GTDC which states, “Due to lack of maintenance, the present state of the spring is pathetic and it has lost its glory.”

The GTDC hoped to not only restore this iconic tourist spot but also collect revenue for the government by attracting more people back, with this plan. A source said that the public will always have access to the area.

Some locals have their own suggestions and ideas on going about bringing back the spring. Lopinho Xavier said, “The bore wells operating in the area should be stopped, as this will help increase the volume of its flow.”

Hector Fernandes, a geologist, said that denudation of the topsoil affects the natural monsoon water storage in the lateric strata. The water is usually released slowly till summer. He said that a proper geomorphological study is needed before undertaking any development.

Information credit – TOI