High Security Registered Plates to be installed

Get ready to switch to High-Security Registered Plates next month


A few years ago, in addition to new technology introduced by the RTO, there was a lot of buzz about new high-security registered plates that were to be mandatory for all vehicles in Goa. While many people did line up at the RTO to get theirs, the majority didn’t because they were just too expensive. There was a section of the public though, that went out and got their own version of the plate – because why not? In fact, there are a number of places that deal in number plates, that source and install very genuine looking, embossed high-security number plates. But what makes these plates high-security? Truthfully, nothing. Until now.

High-Security Registered PlatesWhen does the installation start?

Starting next month, as per a notification from the ministry of road transport and highways, all new vehicles are to be fitted with High-Security Registered Plates. In fact, a partial implementation has already started for new vehicles and has been on for the past two months. However, from June, it is mandatory that every new vehicle is fitted with the HSRP. In a statement made to the press, Transport Director Nikhil Desai said, “We can expect full implementation to start from June. In the next few months, all the existing vehicles that are plying should be replaced with HSRPs. If all goes well, by August 2020, we should be through with all the vehicles.” Existing vehicles will have to visit certified fitment centres in a phased manner (according to the schedule on the left) in order to get their plates replaced. 

UPDATE 26.11.2019: It is no longer mandatory to follow the schedule for HSRP installation. As per the RTO, vehicle owners can apply for online and install the High-Security Registration Plate anytime in the next 5 years at their own convenience. In addition, two more fitment centres are being opened in Mapusa and Quepem to facilitate easier installations.

High Security Registered Plate
Courtesy Real Mazon

Do you have to get your HSRP from the RTO?

Turns out you do. According to Desai, “unless the HSRP is fitted, a vehicle registration certificate is not issued.” Apparently, the HSRP actually does have a bit of technology built in. Desai revealed, “The HSRP has a laser embedded code which must be entered into the Vahan 4.0 software. Only after that, the registration process is complete. In other words, no HSRP means no registration. All the vehicle dealers are therefore following it.” The pros far outweigh the cons, especially at a price point of Rs. 155 to Rs. 332. With these new High-Security Registered Plates, vehicle owners can breathe easy knowing that it would make it easier to track down their vehicle in the event of theft. These plates are also very difficult to duplicate. Where the cops are concerned, these HSRPs will also crack down on the number of fancy plates out in the wild.

The notice issued by the Directorate of Transport also states that vehicle owners not complying with the schedule shall be deemed to have violated provisions of Section 39 of the  Motor Vehicle Act, and their vehicles shall be deemed to be plying ‘without registration’, and liable for prosecution under Sections 53, 54, and 192 of the said Act.

Who is manufacturing the plates?

To help facilitate the process, the services of a company called Real Mazon have been employed, and they have already set up a factory in Verna to manufacture the plates. The plates themselves have certain manufacturing standards, such as the implementation of a Hot Stamped Chromium Based Hologram, Laser Inscribed Alpha Numerals, Superior Grade Reflective Sheeting, Embossed Alpha Numerals and more. In certain cases, a third plate will be mounted on the vehicle windscreen and is said to be tamper-proof. The company which is a partnership between the Netherlands based Mazon BV and Delhi based CBM Industries has already implemented the technology in Chandigarh and Rajasthan. Below is a table of the HSRP sizes that are required for various vehicle types.

Vehicle Type Front Plate Rear Plate Third Plate
Motorcycle 285 x 45 mm 200 x 100 mm Not Applicable
Scooter 200 x 100 mm 200 x 100 mm Not Applicable
Three Wheeler 200 x 100 mm 200 x 100 mm Applicable
Light Motor Vehicle 500 x 120 mm 500 x 120 mm Applicable
Heavy Motor Vehicle 500 x 120 mm 340 x 200 mm Applicable