Home Chefs and Foodpreneurs to Display Their Skills at Serendipity Arts Festival 2023


Panaji, December 2023:  Goan home cooks now have an opportunity to showcase their cooking skills at Asia’s biggest multidisciplinary arts event, the Serendipity Arts Festival (SAF) 2023, in Panaji, as part of a collaborative initiative with FIERCE Kitchens, the country’s first culinary incubator.

FIERCE Kitchens has been selected to be a part of the Food Court at SAF 2023 and is keen to showcase talented home cooks and aspiring ‘foodpreneurs’ from across Goa. The incubator is on the lookout for nine exceptional home chefs to run a food-stall for the duration of the Festival (December 15 to December 23). 

An initiative by Kamaxi College of Culinary Arts (KCCA) and Atal Incubation Centre at the Goa Institute of Management (AIC-GIM), FIERCE Kitchens’ collaboration with SAF 2023 aims to offer home chefs and food-preneurs an opportunity to showcase their startups and display their culinary prowess and innovative dishes.

“This platform facilitates interaction with customers and mentors, fostering valuable networks among fellow foodpreneurs and collaborators. Entrepreneurs can pitch to potential investors, enhancing financial prospects,” states Parixit Pai Fondekar, founder of Kamaxi Group.

Fondekar also emphasises the upskilling opportunities that participating in this initiative will offer home cooks. “Entrepreneurs can create themed products and gain insights into teamwork, competition and marketing. Ultimately, entrepreneurs can generate revenue by selling their unique and innovative food products,” says Fondekar. 

The collaboration and the shout-out to home cooks from Goa offer a great opportunity for those who are passionate about promoting local and indigenous produce through their cooking. 

To be a part of the stall and for more information, contact 9860081994. For more information on FIERCE Kitchens, visit www.fiercekitchens.com