Homeopathy – A Journey into the Human Core


By Dr. Denise Rodrigues

Have you ever wondered what is it that makes us who we truly are? Why do we feel or act in a certain way? Maybe you need to understand the root cause of your stress. Homeopathy, as a system of medicine, will take you just there; to understand the real you. You will be facilitated through a journey wherein you will uncover years of conditioning and learned layers to get to the core of your unique, individualistic being. Before we understand how a Homoeopath can help you take that tailor-made journey, let us understand a little bit of this beautiful, holistic science.

In 1790, a German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann made a very significant discovery. At that time cinchona bark (from which quinine is derived) was very well known and used for its curative effects on malaria. Eager to discover what gave the bark its curative power, Hahnemann tested this substance on himself whilst he was in a healthy state. He saw that it produced within him symptoms similar to those of malaria i.e. chill, fever and sweat. This led him to the clue that drugs can produce certain symptoms and signs in a healthy individual and can cure someone with the same symptoms. This was the beginning of Homoeopathy which is based on the principle: “Like cures like”.

What Hahnemann also discovered is, that disease is not localized but affects the whole being. Therefore, when a person is sick, it is not merely a part but the whole of him that is sick. Likewise, a drug affects the whole being including the mind. The homeopath thus treats a person keeping these factors in mind.

In order to reach the very core of an individual, the first consultation session with a Homoeopath can go up to two hours wherein the symptoms as well as a patient’s state of mind which includes aspects about his nature, personality, interests, hobbies, childhood, dreams, fears and stress factors are carefully recorded and studied to find the exact remedy which will create a paradigm shift of healing in an individual.

A human being is a magnificent storehouse of energy and energy in a human being is expressed in the form of two distinct entities – the Mind and the Body. At the subconscious level, energy is expressed through dreams, hence exploring the dreams and the feelings associated with them is very important to a Homoeopath. Energy is also expressed through feelings such as anger, sadness, fear, etc. as well as through an individual’s alterations in his / her perception of reality. On the bodily plane, energy is expressed through changes in sleep, thirst, appetite, food cravings, and aversions. In health, there is a harmonious distribution of energy at all the planes where there is awareness of one’s sensations, perceptions, and feelings; hence it is natural that one would be free from any kind of physical suffering. Any disturbance in this energy within results in a disturbance in the whole being of an individual causing the manifestation of signs and symptoms on a bodily plane.

What a Homoeopath aims to do is understand how a stressful or negative situation can bring to the surface an alteration in sensation and perception causing an imbalance of energy, which in turn causes a diseased state making an individual more prone to developing certain illnesses. Awareness of this diseased state can lead to a cure.

The awareness referred to here is not an intellectual understanding or an observation of a behavior or thought pattern in ourselves; nor is it a flash of realization, or an interpretation by someone else.
It is a process. It is a process of going within the self without the mind, of going into the depth of one’s experience over and over again. It is a process that can begin now and extend over several months or years. It is a gradual awakening to one’s inner world. It is a silent, nonverbal, non-intellectual process, where one can acknowledge one’s unique, authentic self and become aware of how it has shaped everything in his life.

Begin your healing journey with a Homoeopath today and experience evolving to become a healthier, better version of yourself.
“Know yourself, to heal yourself”

About the Author:
Dr. Denise Rodrigues is a dedicated Homoeopath, Pediatric Nutritionist, and Guidance Counsellor. A Gold Medalist from Goa University, she currently serves as the Secretary for the Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (HMAI)- Goa Branch. Dr. Denise practices at her own setup: Evolve Homoeopathic Clinic at Raia, South Goa. Every Friday, she consults at Menezes Polyclinic, Altinho- Panaji.

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