Horse rides and tours in Goa

Ever seen horses in Goa? If not, @soulhorsegoa organizes horse tours. Not only can you see the horses but you can ride them too. 

Tours are organized at the beaches, palm groves, jungles, ocean, savanna and hills too. All you nature lovers will have a great time here. Pick up your cameras get clicking and share your amazing experience with us through posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!


Other than horse riding, their program involves swimming with dolphins and elephants. Walking along the river between mango forests, swimming in waterfalls and journeying across beautiful places.

This is one of the things you could do on your trip to Goa along with your family. They have a package of 10 days which includes a journey to the mountains with waterfalls. 

To know more about these beautiful tours contact: +79066265072 (WhatsApp)

Picture credit: Light Photographer Summer, Svetlana Leto, Soul Horse

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