Hot Air Balloon Ride In Goa Made Simple – Even Kids Can Do It

Amidst various underwater and land activities, there’s this amazing Hot Air Balloon journey in Goa! If you crave to fly excessive like a bird and revel in the beauty of nature at its most, you have to include this activity on your list.

This activity is new to the listing of famous things to do in Goa and quickly it has received massive paparazzi. Imagine being on top of golden sand and the chilly climate of South Goa and capturing all that soothes your eyes. At sharp 6:30, get prepared for the adventure activity.

When you head toward this activity, you have to register yourself and get equipped for the trip. Your pilot will greet you and provide you with the required instructions.

You should hear to it carefully. In one balloon, up to 10 people are accommodated and with the inflation of the motorized fans, the balloon starts to fly. After inflating the fan, it takes about 30 minutes for the flight to get ready. The hot air balloon journey will provide you with the best 360-degree view of the glittery Goa. At 900 feet above the ground, you can have a bird’s eye view of the city. Here you are allowed to take a digicam with you and capture all that amaze you. The peculiarity of Hot Air Ballooning activity is that it approves you to seize a excessive view of the metropolis that you can cherish forever.

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Throughout your flight, the pilot will keep telling you the information about a various facts up in the sky. The pilot may also change path relying upon the route of the wind. In the end, after 45 minutes -1 hour of the tour, the pilot will land the tiger balloon and you will be carried to the take-off spot.


How to book a hot air balloon ride in Goa?
If this is your family Goa trip and you desire to gather special memories, do no longer omit out on this Hot Air Balloon activity.

You can make bookings with your family or with your group of friends. And if you are on a solo trip, you can additionally register your self individually. In the preferred balloon flight, there is no distinction in the fare whether or not you register in a crew or solo booking.

Registration is verified at the site of the Hot Air Balloon, i.e., Assolda Football Ground in South Goa. In one widespread balloon flight, maximum 10 people is arranged. Call on +918432325222 to Book Balloon Ride.

If you are planning to create some unique memories with your loved one or with your favourite person, you must opt for the Private Balloon Flight. If you desire to provide your spouse or your loved ones a surprise, personal balloons are the best choice.

Private hot air balloon ride in Goa prices are usually more than the Standard Balloon Flight however additionally offers you your space and time. Your pilot, at the site, will brief you and suggest your precautions. You additionally get whole flight insurance.

Before taking off, tea/coffee and refreshments are served to you. You are no longer allowed to lift meals or drinks inside the balloon. Also, on your request, the pilot may also supply you with a certificate of presentation signed via him.

Hot air balloon ride timings in Goa

The Hot Air Balloon flight that takes off from Assolda Football Ground, South Goa will provide you a lifetime trip of 45 minutes to 1 hour approximately. Undoubtedly, you won’t find this time slot sufficient and will desire to continue to be up in the air for some more time.

Goa Hot Air Balloon Ride Prices
For Standard Balloon Flight (one that incorporates 10 people) you are charged Rs. 11000 per person. If you are reserving a Private Balloon Flight, you will be charged Rs. 55000 for 1-3 people and Rs. 99000 for 4-8 people (as of November 2021). This activity gives you free pick up and drop from your hotel or residence.

Children under the age of 5 are no longer allowed to take part in this activity. For teens under the age of 9, the fare is 50% that of an adult. And kids above the age of 9 are viewed as a person in phrases of fare.

To revel in this wavy trip, you need to reach the vacation spot at sharp 6:30 A.M. The flight takes off at about 6:45 A.M. So, you need 15 minutes to attend the briefing of your pilot. At around 8 A.M you will be again at your destination spot. The 1-hour tour will bring you a lot of memories.

Precautions when balloon riding in Goa
If you are new to this activity, security measures have to be your priority. And no matter if you are a fresher or not, you need to be very cautious with such activities. Because up in the sky, there is no escape except staying secure and following the guidelines. There are a few matters that you should keep in mind while planning this activity.

• People having any health issues should not travel in a hot air balloon.
• Pregnant women and youngsters under the age of 5 are now not allowed for this activity.
• You must reach the site by 6:30 to make a hassle-free trip.
• Follow the instructions given by way of your pilot.
• The warm air balloon is subject to weather conditions. So, do no longer panic when it takes a turn due to poor weather.

Price Includes
• Flight Insurance
• Sightseeing
• Balloon Ride

Duration: 45 – 60 Minutes
Availability: October to May
Location: Assolda
Min Age: 5 Years

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