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This is the only real fine dining restaurant in the Ponda area and offers a multi-cuisine menu in an elegant, subdued setting, with bright lighting. It’s a good place to try authentic Goan food, specially the Chicken Cafreal, the spicy, tangy, Goan-style grilled chicken coated with a thick green sauce served here with chips and salad. Their Cafreal is best paired with Goan poie bread. The Fish Curry Rice is also outstanding here and you can also ask them to cook some of the familiar vegetables in the Saraswat style with the addition of coconut. They serve the Khatkate – the mixed veg Goan Hindu dish with its own unique flavour. From the North Indian menu you can try Palak Paneer, Menino Veg Special, Butter Chicken, Chicken Malai Tikka, Tandoori Chicken and kebabs. Avoid the Chinese.

0832 2314147/ 8
Near Market, Fabar, Ponda, Goa.


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