Hugs and Mugs Art Cafe by Cecille Rodrigues- Must visit!


‘Hugs and Mugs Art Cafe’ is a pretty cool Goan pet-friendly cafe located in Mapusa, Goa. Whether it’s the first meeting, an alone time or a date, this cafe is the best to start at.

Its relaxed ambience, setting, amazingly luscious food and beverages will help sort your mood. This cafe serves food that will keep you coming back for more! It’s open throughout the week from Mondays to Saturdays 11 am to 8 pm.

Near St. Mary’s High School, Opposite Court House, Altin, Mapusa, Goa.

There is no denying the fact that people in Goa have made a huge progress in becoming successful. One such personality, Cecille Rodrigues, actress, dance teacher, DID Supermom runner-up and now a business owner at Hugs and Mugs Art Cafe in Goa.

Cecille takes great care of her customers right from the moment they enter to when they leave reluctantly with a look to return for more. This is one such cafe where you will be extremely happy and relaxed at. The menu here is absolutely subtle and the team adds new brilliant dishes to it over time.

Stress busters at Hugs and Mugs Art Cafe

Board games
Books- comics like ‘Archies’

Oh! And comfort food of course 😉

Hugs and Mugs Art Cafe
Chefs special SHAKSHUKA

In case you’re wondering if there’s anything fallacious about this cafe, there really isn’t anything to point out. It has the right amount of good vibes, comfort food and great company. The place is colourful and comfy, with puppies giving you company (harmless) and some indoor board games to take your mind off any kind of stress.

Hugs and Mugs Art Cafe ItsGoa

They host interactive workshops, local artists and showcase their creations as well. Stay updated by following them on Instagram!

We serve the best of best of comfort food, coolers for a hot day, sandwiches made of Goan bread Pao with fantastic coffee & tea. Hugs and Mugs Art Cafe

As they say…

A little bit of shopping, a little bit of bacon and some triple chocolate mousse. What do you think?