Hunger strike in Porvorim touches 50 days, no justice yet


A follow-up to our earlier article on Balkrishna, who has been on a hunger strike for the past 50 days reveals his helplessness. As we had earlier mentioned, he continues to be on a hunger strike. He is striking so that a headmistress of a Taleigao based school is held accountable for her alleged mistreatment of her students. Balkrishna claims his children too were mistreated by her.

15 days since

We covered the story on day 35 of the hunger strike, today is day 50. Yet, not much has happened since. Balkrishna continues to sit in the scorching sun outside the Directorate of Education in Porvorim. Balkrishna revealed that on the 44th day a prominent politician visited him. After the meeting, the politician went into the Directorate of Education building and came out with a high ranking official.

The high ranking official is said to have told Balkrishna, “We don’t have the right”, to take action against the headmistress. However, 4 days later, on the 48th day of the hunger strike, the same politician held a press conference at the spot. Balkrishna mentioned that the politician has assured him that his party supported his cause.

“I am not here to make a political issue,” Balkrishna says. He explains that he only wants justice to be meted out to his children who were allegedly mistreated by the headmistress.

Media attention

Balkrishna confirmed that many local and national media houses have come and covered his story. ‘ItsGoa’ too, was approached by two prominent national news networks for details of Balkrishna after we ran the previous article. On the 48th day he claims that many media persons were present for the press conference called for by the politicians. We confirmed that local newspapers carried the story on the next day.

Economic distress

Balkrishna reveals that he has currently stopped all his work and is present at his striking spot from 9 am to 6 pm. His wife is bearing the brunt of supporting the family. Although she has added financial responsibilities, she comes home to take care of the children. Mentioning that sometimes it is difficult to meet expenses, Balkrishna says they manage with the help from family and friends.

On being asked, for how long will he continue to fast? He says that his fast will continue until justice is served to him, even if it costs him his life.