From the main road look out for the shark – the graphic seems to come out of the pages of ‘Finding Nemo’, but finding the venue is not so troublesome. Walk down the lane towards the river, and right on the river banks is the restaurant – Hungry Shark. The menu is attractively done, shades of yellow to match the bright yellow Bob Marley style etching on the wall. Diners opt for a boat ride as they sit in the casual open restaurant. Water scooters and banana zoom past while chugging trawlers make waves with their ponderous gait. And to go with the ambience your choice should be fish. Tevis at times picks p a catch when he is out fishing. Have it simple…grilled. Modso, Pomfret you name it. Although not a place for gourmet diners, the chef offers tasty Golden Fried Prawns with chilli garlic sauce.

Call the shots with a B 51 or B 52…the baileys coffee with Malibu or Cointreau could lead to a Brain Hemorrhage (Baileys, Grenadine and Peach). And while the sizzle is on opt for the sizzlers – the Hungry Shark Blast (prawns wrapped in bacon and deep fried cooked in garlic butter sauce) or a Seafood Sizzler (assorted seafood in pot oyster sauce). Thrice a week there is live music to sizzle those senses too. It’s shark’s fantasy (gin, mint, blue Curacao) for fun and hungry addicts.


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