I 95

Have you ever been to a volcano county? Tasted the food cooked on its fiery stones? Well, one does not have to book a ticket to Java, to eat hot food cooked on lava. It’s available here in a small by-lane of Saligao. This ticket is called I 95. Cosily nestled amongst the coconut palms, a few bamboo bushes thrown in for measure, it is a retreat for a treat. With an open- air ambience cane chairs or sofas, you take your pick it is just the right place to pamper your taste buds with fine dining on a nice relaxed evening. The place is run by four entrepreneurs James, Sumera, Tina and Sunil. Why I 95? One might ask. The I 95, is apparently an immigration form filled in as you leave the ship. Simply put, it is the Ticket to Freedom. The foursome spent some time on board a ship and then decided to display their skills in sunny Goa.

For starters here, try the gratinated Goat Cheese, with Caraway Brulee, a beetroot and a walnut dressing. Or the Mushroom Cappuccino made of porcini mushrooms and served in a glass goblet, it was unique and simply divine. If seafood is your choice, there are the crab cakes. The lava stones at I 95 are specially sourced and most of their grills are cooked on it. The preparations really rock. The Blue Cheese Medallions Wrapped in Streaky Bacon, on a bed of mashed potatoes, or the Lemon Rind Dusted Tiger Prawns awesome. For dessert, the Chocolate sampler is a must. One blessing in disguise is that we do not need a ticket to indulge in the fantasies. The foursome has seen to that.


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