Ibaco – delightful unique ice cream eating experience


With a greater number of Ibaco stores opening up each year, and with a lot of positive feedback from customers, the brand seems set for a great journey into the future.

The latest store has been opened up in Goa and people are going nuts over this new ice cream destination. Its located in Miramar near The Oak Barrel.

The purple ice cream cones are a hit as its something different and not just a regular bare cone.

Picture: feliciafriday13

Within just 4 years of its launch, Ibaco has broken ground in new markets across India. They have come up with a new concept. They charge Rs.80 for 100gms for any flavour or topping.

One based on the scoop ‘n’ serve format. With 36 flavours inspired from exotic places around the world, Ibaco aims to offer more choices and deliver greater standards of taste to its customers.

There are two types of cones available at Ibaco: blackcurrant and chocolate flavoured cones.

Bars and Waffle Cones – IBACO offers customers the pleasure of creating their own ice cream in the form of an ice cream sundae bar or waffle cone by choosing from a variety of delicious ice cream flavours, sauces and toppings. This innovation allows customers a personal heaven in every bite.

So when are you going there?

Picture credit: freezesd